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Fire in CITYCELL tower in Sylhet

9Fire occurred in CITYCELL mobile operator tower in jallarapar area of the city. The tower was located on the roof of Tamim Vobon building. Nearly 2.5 lakh worth damaged in the fire. The fire service operations narrowly avoided the loss of life and a huge property.
Friday morning at 10 am, the fire occurred. About an hour after the fire service workers trying to bring the fire under control.
However, the building was an eight-storey tower. A CITYCELL tower was on the roof of the building. Suddenly, the tower caught on fire in the morning. At the time, the residents of the building became alarmed. They called CITYCELL officers. But officials fled from the place at the intensity of the fire. The four units of fire service arrived at the scene an hour trying to control the fire. In the absence of an elevator building and the narrow steps it was hard to fire workers to bring the fire under control.
Fire Service and Civil Defence assistant director, Shahidul Islam, the initial fire is believed to have been two and a half lakh worth of damage.
However, if the time delay is somewhat more extensive loss of life and property could be spread to the whole building on fire.
He said that, the building has been constructed completely unplanned way. That’s why it became quite hard to control the fire.