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National Security Council should be formed to overcome crisis

47A National Security Council should be formed in the country as the institutional framework to take quick decision at critical times.

Security experts expressed this view and said that such a body is expected to help overcome the security crisis.

Sources point out that there is no institutional establishment in the country to take urgent decision at the time of crisis over national security. The necessity of such an establishment was not felt seriously as Bangladesh so long faced no major crisis in the filed of national security.

But the experts suggest that a National Security Council should be constituted to take quick decision and work out the strategy in view of the present global politics, threat of terrorism and rise of militancy locally.

In many countries of the world, and establishments like National Security Council exist under different names. These establishments provide advice to the head of the state or government. However, these can only advise while the power to take the decision rests with the head of the government.

There is National Security Council in neighbouring India, Pakistan and Myanmar. Different organisations in separate names work as National Security Council regionally in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. There is National Security Council in the USA, Russia and China–the three powers locked in a tussle over establishing domination in the global politics.

Former ambassador Waliur Rahman said it will be good if an institutional framework like National Security Council is there to carry on analysis and research on the matters relating to national security. This council will give suggestions, but the decision will be taken by the prime minister.

The executive director of Regional Anti-Terrorist Research Institute (RATRI) Maj Gen (retd) AK Mohammad Ali Shikdar said, “If a National Security Council is constituted in Bangladesh in the way it is done in a democratic country, it will play a role in national security and democracy. I feel that a National Security Council should be constituted, but that must be free from the influence of the politics of military culture.”

Another security analyst, the executive director of the Institute of Conflict, Law and Development Studies (ICLDS) Maj Gen (retd) Md Abdur Rashid thinks that a National Security Council can be formed as an institutional body for taking quick decision at the time of crisis. If it is done the responsibility of taking the decision will not go to any single individual, he added.

In the opinion of the analysts, the importance of Bangladesh is increasing in the global politics due to its geographical position and economic reasons. As big powers India and China want to create own zone of influence regionally. On the other hand, the US wants to keep Bangladesh under its circle of influence.

In Bangladesh there is a market of 160 million people and also are facilities to produce commodities at lower cost, huge reserves of natural gas and massive prospect of connectivity with the neighbouring countries for transportation of goods. Because of these reasons, Bangladesh is in the attention of the big powers.

With the expansion of the economy, the trade and commerce will increase, the necessity of energy will soar and the need to explore markets will also go up. In that case Bangladesh has to play a role in the global politics ensuring its own security.  Suggestions on the necessary strategy in this respect may also come from the National Security Council, if it is constituted.