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Blanket business vibrant in Sylhet

41With the winter getting intense, workforce engaged in blanket businessman have been busy in making items for babies. As buyers and sellers of local and other places are stepping in to procure the items, the wholesale traders expect a vibrant business this winter.
While visiting local markets,in Sylhet  this correspondent explored that the absence of patronisation is the main drawback in boosting the business. Establishment of bank, credit facility in lower interest, assistance from government and private sectors including better political environment may enrich the business in domestic and global arenas, insiders maintained.
Specifying the inherent difficulties, they said that people of the areas affected due to the erosion by the Surma River under Sadar upazila are producing colourful blankets from cut pieces of cloths brought from Narayanganj, Dhaka, Gazipur and other places.
Despite its simple journey around two decades back, there has been a huge growth of the business. Besides making blankets for children, the factories are producing different categories of good quality baby wares. More than 10,000 male and female craftsmen associated with the cottage industry have taken the art of blanket making professionally for attaining self-sufficiency. The resultant achievement flourished the business as well as its marketing in a bigger way, insiders informed
This prospective business not only opened new horizon in local markets, wholesalers from capital Dhaka and many other places from the northern region of the country come here to procure the items, said locals.
Mentioning quality, the source said in wholesale markets per piece of blanket is being sold at Tk 1000 to 1200. In addition to other winter cloths, the average sale of the blankets supersedes Tk 50 lakh per day, insiders pointed out.
In light of the prospective scenario of the business, local businessmen and traders have demanded opening of bank branches including credit facilities at lower rates.

Hossain and Billal of Shimuldair village narrated their lifecycle mixed with hardship and changes that took place through adopting the craftsmanship of blanket making.
Asfak Ahmed , Sadar upazila chairman, detailed the risk and security of the businessmen involved. Patronisation from relevant areas including government will help the cottage industry to march ahead, he concluded.