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Jennifer Lawrence feels ‘honored’ on pay gap talk

57When actress Jennifer Lawrence addressed the Hollywood gender pay gap issue this year, she soon became the poster girl for what has become a hot issue, a title she says she is honored to have.
“It’s an honor … it’s definitely a discussion that needs to be had,” said Lawrence.
“So if I’m one percent responsible for starting it or sparking it or doing anything helpful for the cause then it’s exciting.”
The Oscar winner wrote about her own experience with male-female pay discrimination in Hollywood in an open letter in actress Lena Dunham’s Lenny newsletter.
“I think it has been an issue that everybody kind of stays quiet about for whatever reason,” Lawrence said.
“I don’t know if, it’s probably for the same reason we don’t ask for money, we want to seem like good sports and we don’t want to seem like whiners so I think that it’s good that we’re standing up and saying there’s a 21 percent pay gap between men and women”,