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Nazrul Sandhya celebrated in East London

55Nazrul Parishad UK organised Nazrul Sandhya at Brady Arts and Community Centre in East London on 19th December.  Hundreds of Nazrul fans and enthusiasts came to watch the work of legendary poet and music composer o f Bengal.
The special guests in the event included Editor of Bangla Mirror  Abdul  Karim Gani, Dr Mohammed Nurul Alam, Cllr. Rahima Rahman, Shafiqul Alom of South Hall Mela, Faruque  Ahmed, Golam Mostofa of Udichi, Md Usman Gani, freedom fighter Abab Chowdhury, Poet and Writer Monuj Chowdhury and other community leaders and activists.
Chironjib Chakrabarti, Shayan Gupta, Mahamays Shil, Sadyia Afroj Chowdhury, Farjana Shifath Shapna, Najmun Tonni  performed music and sang from the work of Najrul and Showmi Dash performed dance.  Along with these artist, artists from Udichi School of Performing Arts performed music and dance.
Shuman Bhatcharya and Polin Majhi recited from the poetry of this legendary poet.  Sajia Afreen Chowdhury and Dr Shatot Shuprio’s presentation was truly loved by the audience.
Ustad Yusuf Ali Khan, Abu Imran Tonmoy, Krish Rati and Foysal’s instrument moved the audience very much.
Sajia Afreen Chowdhury led the stage production and script writing.  Foysol and Kader were in charge of sound system for the whole event.  Nahid Sound Space International provided the sound system for the night.
The media partners for the event included NTV Europe, Bangla TV Europe, Channel I Europe, Channel S and ATN Bangla UK.
The event was sponsored by Dr Mohammed Nurul Alam, Alam and Company (Accountants  and auditors).