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Pop star Joss Stone set to perform in Dhaka

Pop star Joss Stone set to perform today in Dhaka

Grammy and Brit Award winner British diva Joss Stone arrived in Bangladesh on Friday evening as she was gearing up for her first concert in Bangladesh.

Joss Stone arrived at Gloria Jean’s Coffees, clad in all black, and promptly asked for a latte as she spoke at a news briefing.

Her heart-warming smile and cheerful friendliness won everyone over in no time.

Stating that she wants to perform in every single country – and not just in the lucrative ones – she expressed her interest in experiencing different cultures and sounds of the world, and intention to incorporate them into her music.

She mentioned having plans with a charity organisation in Bangladesh as well. Stone will be performing at Pop Republic today as part of her world tour.

During the question and answer session Stone was asked a number of questions, which she answered with her ethereal charm and witty humours. She talked about how much she missed her dogs and her favourite jam session in Beirut.

When asked by UNB regarding her charity works, she said: “I don’t believe people are inherently bad. There is good in all of us. I try to do something nice for the people wherever I go. I will be visiting Acid Survivors Foundation in Dhaka. These survivors are going through such a hard time and I will try to make their day a little better.”

She also spoke about her ideas about talent and successes.

“You have to be connected to your feelings and others as well. I don’t know if having a difficult life makes you a better singer or not. It’s the empathy that makes one connect. And you have to be able to connect,” she said.

She continued: “Success is different for different people. What is success? A sold out gig? Selling a million copies of your album? Moving people with your performance? To become successful you have to perfect your craft. You have to hone yourself. If I am off-tune at performance I will push myself to do better next time. Once you can move someone with your performance, words of mouth can do wonders.”

When her eccentric habit of performing barefoot was mentioned, she replied with her quick wit saying,

“I wish I could say something like being barefoot centres my soul to the ground or something profound like that but the truth is I go barefoot so that I don’t fall during my performance.”

Nafis Ahmed – Managing Director of LiveSquare, asked her what were her expectations in Bangladesh?

The star was prompt to say that she came here with an open mind and invited everyone to come to her show with an open mind too.

In addition to Stone, Arnob, Jon Kabir, Elita, Rafa, Armeen and Minar will perform at Pop Republic today. Tickets will be available at the gate.

Tickets for the event are out now on Pop Republic’s website: www.thepoprepublic.com., and a number of outlets including Platter, Nawab Chatga, Chittagong Bull, Café Guhaa, Cilantro, Dhaka Republic, Yellow Submarine Café, Veni Vidi Vici, Café Thirty3, and Hakka Dhaka: Auckland Centre.

LiveSquare Entertainment is arranging the programme at Nabaratri Hall of the International Convention City, Bashundhara in the capital.

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