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Tobacco companies are daring in Sylhet : Illegal advertise continue

2Tobacco companies doesnot follow any ruls Illegal advertisement cigaratte selling by infants, marketing without proper warning are continuing But local administration is inactive Smoking and use of tobacco (control)Act 2005 was ammended in 2013. According to rule 10 of that act both sides of a cigaratle packet, cartoon must show minimum 50% of it about the harmful affect of using tobacco for this a company must show the health warning and colour picture. The govt give one year time to the cigarete companies to inpliment the low. That time expired on 19th March.

But using various cigaratte In Sylhet limited companies show warning Minimum cigarettes are selling without warning.

There is no warning sign in the packet of Zarda, warning signs are showing no lalting the enisting low. 20th March a mobile cort was run by the administration.3 shop were fined Tk 2000/ each. According to low a convict must face Tk 2 Lakh fine and 6 Months jail.

Regional Manager of a local tobacco Company informed that according to an application by Bangladesh cigratte Manufacturares Association they publish a pess release here they publish only the last portion of it not the Full part.

In that press release no cigarette packet or tin can`not sell in the market without warning. But of use that tins why warning notice are not shown in the packet. He replied “old packets are still in the market so they are avilable.

After publishing the health warning are one month later on 19th April a survey showed that 74.8% cigaratte packet has no warning sign only 25.2% has that. This result was published on 19th April.

Sujon president Farook Mahmud Chowdhury said “ If govt take stern action than sale of cigaratte without warning should he stopped Govt must sincere about it. After all that if tobacco sold it is our bad luck”

Canada first introduce photo warning system in 2001. According to canada about 77 countries of the world introduce photo warning system. In nepal about 90% of a cigaratte packet are full with health warning. is a is In india it has 85%, Srilanka 80% and so on.

Health promotion foundation said, photo health warning play a vital role to reduce smoking. It has a positive affect in Singapore. After introducing photo warning use of tobacco reduce 28% in 2004. In Brajil the rate is 67% in 2006 where as in Australia the rate is 36%

We ask civil Surgeon Dr. Habibur Rahman about the impact of picture health warning he said, ‘ If the scheme implemented. Then the use of tobacco must readuce. When people inform its danger they must abundon it. Smoking has no good affect. It is the source of diabetis, heart attach and coneer so people must refrain from it.

According to new tobacco control low all types of advertise for tobacco are band. But in Sylhet it has no impact.

Tobacco companiss in Sylhet enlarge their advertisement techaically. For this thay uses tea stall, signboard, Showcase of a shop by colouring it and give various types of gift to their customers. Thay using T-shirts for their campaign. It is an indirect advertisement

Many shopkeeper said, if any shop owner is not interested in advertisement, their supply will be stopped. So shop owner are duty bound to showing tobacco advertisement.

According to 5(h) of this low punishment about its use. ‘ If a person can violate the low he will face three month imprisoment or Tk 1 Lakh fine or both punishment. And in second time he will face double punishment. But this low has not applicable.

Civil surgeon of Sylhet Dr. Habibur Rahman said “ Recently we had a meeting about it we can run mobile court”

BATC recently invent new technic. They show their logo with advertisement in the hotels.

In Jallarpar an adolesent sales tobacco His owner give him daily Tk 50 and Tk 10 for lunch. Shop owner said, childrens are available. So with less money we recruit them. It is against low but he is not informed the matter.

Simantik and N.G.D to fight against Smoking. Its D.A.G Md. Parvej Alam said ‘Due to fault in low tobacco compains is violate it easily young generatian attracted with it we must prevent it”

D.C of Sylhet Md. Zainul Abedin said, we can’t move mobile court due to U.P election. After that we take drastic action.