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Beyond the Mirror View

4Already established as a popular Television host, her starred blockbuster movie Aynabaji has taken the country by storm and is picking up worldwide acclaim in various international film festivals. Even though Nabila’s rise to stardom is nothing short of dramatic, she vows to stay honest to her roots and to only take up quality projects for the foreseeable future. In this exclusive interview, the sensational actress opens up about herself and her thoughts on the film industry, her marriage and much more!

With Aynabaji being an unprecedented success, how much has Nabila changed as a person after the movie?

I can tell you that as a person, I am the same since the release of Aynabaji. My life, however, has taken a complete U-turn. I remember when someone told me on the 30th of September, which was a day before the movie’s release that my life would change completely after tomorrow. This turned out to be very true. When I am in public now, people approach me to talk and take my autograph. I was even approached by some members of the Cabin Crew in Kolkata’s airport who simply said “Thank you” for Aynabaji. It is really overwhelming to garner the love of the people and I truly appreciate it. I would sincerely like to thank Amitabh Reza for this opportunity.

Please shed some light about your current projects regarding film and media.

To be honest, I had been receiving a lot of offers even before the release of Aynabaji. For now, I plan to continue my work as an anchor and a television personality. As for films, I don’t really feel inclined to accept any offer until and unless it suits my taste so you can say that I am really picky about my work. I will always be waiting for the perfect opportunity and situation to bring the best outcome possible.

Do you ignore the mainstream media?

I don’t really have anything against mainstream projects. I act purely out of passion and love for the craft, so I do not want to disappoint my audience with anything sub-par. I would never want to do a project where I myself am not happy with the final product.

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