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PM for declaring March 25 as Mass Killing Day

xcccMentioning that March 25 is certainly a mass killing day, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday underscored the need for pursuing different international organisations to get its international recognition.

“I think we’ll have to take initiatives in this regard. We can adopt a proposal in Parliament to make March 25 the mass killing day.

We can also provide information and other proofs to different international organisations so that March 25 could become (International) Mass Killing Day,” she said.

Taking floor in an unscheduled discussion in the House, the Prime Minister said the Pakistani occupation forces carried out the genocide on March 25, 1971 when they killed Bengali army officers, members of police, EPR and Ansar, and common people.

Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed initiated the discussion referring to the misleading information of a book titled ‘Creation of Bangladesh: Myths Exploded’ by Junaed Ahmed published from Karachi in Pakistan.

Sheikh Hasina strongly denounced the book for its misleading and false information about the War of Liberation and the mass killing on the fateful night of March 25, 1971.

She also said Bangladesh will formally protest Pakistan’s such move.

Initiating the unscheduled discussion, Tofail demanded the House declare March 25 as the Mass Killing Day.

Citing contents of the book, he said it highlighted various false information about the War of Liberation, country’s independence and 30 lakh martyrs. “This book was sent by ISI Director General to our High Commission in Pakistan,” he said.

Then taking floor, the Prime Minister recalled her memories dated back March 25, 1971 saying her father, mother, brothers and sister were arrested on that day. “I saw many things while in captivity. I had to live in a damp house. Not only the mass killing across the country, Razakars and the Al Badrs also handed over our girls to them,” she said.

She said the Pakistani forces along with their collaborators destroyed families after families and villages after villages. “Now Pakistan writes book, they’ve committed genocide in 1971 … but instead of confessing to those, they’re now trying to put such crimes on our freedom fighters. This is a disgrace for Pakistan,” Hasina said, posing a question, “From where they’ve got such audacity to write such book and send it to us?”

Hasina, however, said this will never be accepted.

She said although Pakistan was earlier asked to apologise to Bangladesh for committing genocide, they did not do so. “Rather, they wanted to put the blame for their misdeeds on our freedom fighters.”

Taking a swipe at BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia, the Prime Minister alleged that she has also raised questions about the martyrdom of 30 lakh people of the country during the War of Liberation. “Perhaps, it was her (Khaleda’s) intention to give scope to her foreign lords through raising such question. Today, we can see such reflection and they (Pakistan) sent such book to us.”

Strongly rebuking those published the book, she also said people should know who have assisted them from Bangladesh in their misdeed.

Hasina also said Pakistan had hatched many conspiracies so that Bangladesh could not stand on its own feet that eventually led to the August 15 tragic incident. “But, Bangladesh isn’t a failed state now. Rather, it’s now a role model of development across the globe and perhaps it gives pain to Pakistan …they couldn’t tolerate this and are spreading such falsehood for this,” she added.

She also hoped that the young generation will know the real history of Bangladesh as well as the creation of the country.

Later, Speaker Dr Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury said she has already received a proposal from an MP demanding declaring March 25 as the mass killing day. “I’ve received such a proposal from one of our MPs. We’ll discuss the matter one day in March,” the Speaker said amid desk thumping by the Prime Minister and the other MPs.

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