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February, and massacres


By Fatema Miah

Bengali Language remembrance Month of February fell hidden under Valentines assassination punishment.

February the 2nd English calendar Month is full of Massacre tales draws attention to the Past stories of assassinations.  Now February highlighted with Valentine s Day.  After the long and heavy celebration of Christmas followed on New Year. From January people settle down to work and get back to routine after shake off all the festive fever of December and New Year.

February people begin to gear up for Valentine day, has been renowned as a LOVE oriented celebrational season. Which turned out to be a must celebrated day. Well, as it is being the LOVE sentiment connected to it, it is a must celebration to prove being Loving, Loved and LOVE admiration.  The obvious tale of the history behind the very days is a Massacre day.

14th Of February the Valentine day, was the day when St, Valentino the Christian Priest was assassinated in the 5th Century for a crime of committing adultery. The Adultery was committed with the Kings beloved daughter aged about 14. So, was she a minor? Yes it was, she was a child under out western legislator category.

As per to the rule of Christianity, he committed a sin and was assassinated for sinning. Whereas, understandably, the definition of sin differs from culture to culture, religion to religion and state to state, so forth on. The priesthood was meant to be cerebral and further the Kings daughter was to be honoured for Royalty by the Priest.  There the daring priest played a young-adult princess in the name of Love into indecent act of forbidden adultery outside marriage.

Was it purely LOVE, as the Valentine day is celebrated?  It is celebrated by, married couples, committed relation coupled, people in fancy of one other, proposing someone, making a fling or even a short stance, making this day as a religiously must. Why valentine day? Love is every day. Whether it is a sentence to death worthy crime or not, in many perspective St. Valentino has done wrong, committed a sin under religious indoctrination, broke the rule of popeism and it was an act of treachery to the Kings trust. That too in the medieval time.

There is a fact of LOVE and unjust massacre of Bengalis in February in the modern era. For Bengali people February bore a remarkable History.  History should be unforgettable for Bengali many generations to the end. World should remember the Month of February with Human existence.  LOVE for mother land and love of Mother Language.  Is mother Language only love or basic human right?

Bangla an ancient Language, with literature, varieties of dialects and expressions was oppressed by Pakistan in exchange of Urdu, a hollow short cut communicative Language they call it. And to oppress the Language, Pakistan massacred Bengali educated professionals and students.

21st Of February 1952 Bengali students on demonstration for Bangla Language right were open fired and massacred.  Shouldn’t this day be remembered with LOVE and respect?

Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK


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