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Nazira did not receive disability pension in Chattak

GHA day labour family facing problem with their five year old disable girl Nazira. After birth she has no hand and lag. She has four finger in left leg and two in right leg. Her Mother Shefali begum help her. Their original house is in toranogor of south kurma under Chattak Upziala. They try to receive a disable pension many times but failed. Moyna Miah (37) a day labors married 10 years ago in Moinpur Posshimpara Village under Dularbazar UP moinpur in Sunamgonj District. His wife Shefali Begum is daughter of late jamshed kha. They are 4 member in their family. They couple complained that after the birth of their daughter they meet many times with local up member and chair man but they are deprive to receive disabled pension. They are give only verbal cooperation. They give their all documents to Somuj Mia present Up member in Dularbazar. They wants everyone’s cooperation when contacted local up chairman is abstain to receive phone.

Upazila AL leader A khalik said He try to give them disable pension Up member Samuj Mia confessed that he informed the matter and investigate it. At present Mogna Mia live in konabari Ambag in Gazipur due to poverty There he work as a labour and his wife is a beggar.

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