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Saudi Arabia announces 90-day amnesty for illegal residents

Saudi Arabia announces 90-day amnestySaudi Arabia has announced a 90-day grace period for illegal residents to go back to their countries without facing any kind of penalties, says local media.
The Saudi Gazette reported that the initiative was a part of the oil-rich kingdom’s ‘A Nation without Violators’ campaign, which was launched on Sunday by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Naif.
It said that Naif, also the deputy prime minister, called on violators to avail the opportunity during the amnesty period of 90 days beginning on Mar 29, 2017.
Saudi Gazette reported that if violators of residency (iqama) and labour regulations take the opportunity to depart the country voluntarily, they will have the right to return to work legally.
“… fingerprints will not be taken — the way it is taken from those who are deported and are not allowed to work in the Kingdom again — thus allowing them another chance to come to the Kingdom,” the report quoted interior ministry spokesperson Maj Gen Mansour Al-Turki saying.
Saudi Gazette says, the latest ‘A Nation Without Violators’ campaign came as a sequel of the kingdom’s move two years ago when it allowed foreign nationals living in the country to change the status of their residency permits (iqama).
Around 2.5 million illegal residents and workers, many of them from Bangladesh, availed the opportunity.
According to Saudi Gazette, around 1.3 million Bangladeshi citizens now work in the Kingdom, including 60,000 females who works as house helps.
That makes the oil-rich Middle Eastern country the largest destination of Bangladeshi manpower.

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