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What do Asda mums have to say about getting ready for Ramadan?

13Ramadan preparation every year is an integral part of the lives of Muslims in the UK, but

when you come to think of it; abstaining from food and water for 16 to 17 hours a day is no

mean task, and for mums it can be even more challenging. Managing household chores,

looking after the children and the family’s needs, preparing Sehri and Iftari, in some cases

going to work and still finding time to pray and reflect –  the month of Ramadan can seem

like a juggling act!

This year the 26 th May marks the onset of Ramadan in the UK and Asda is well prepared to

support customers with their extensive Ramadan range. This year we spoke to mums who

are busy sorting out their Ramadan schedules. From cooking tips to eating habits, from

staying hydrated to personal care – we have gathered some really useful tips and

suggestions from mums across the country.

We spoke to five mums including Nazneen and Ayesha from London, and Wemimo and

Bushra from Manchester who have shared their tips for Ramadan preparations.

Make your freezer your ally and save time on lengthy cooking processes

While variety is important during Iftari, it can be a daunting task to cook from scratch

everyday given the long fasting hours. Just a little bit of planning can help you serve your

Iftaris effortlessly. Bushra Ahmed says her freezer is her best friend. “Samosas are a staple in

my house. So, I make around 150 of them a few weeks prior to Ramadan and freeze them,

then all I have to do is fry them in hot oil on the day and they are ready in minutes!”

Agreeing with Bushra, self-employed mum, Wemimo Aliyu said: “Nigerian soups can take a

while to cook; so, I make two or three pots at a time, store them in small containers and

freeze them. A few hours before Iftari, I bring them out to defrost, and heat it when we are

ready to eat. This saves on a lot of prep and cooking time.”

Whether it is samosas, soups or even your marinades and blends – your freezer is your go to

place as you can prepare them 2-4 weeks before Ramadan. If you are not so much of a

scratch cook there is a great range of frozen Halal products at Asda. Also, ensure you stock

up on the oil for the samosas and at Asda the KTC vegetable oil is on offer for £3.80 for 5


Conserve your energy during fasting days and stock up on slow release energy boosters

While fasting, it is important the meals you eat include complex carbohydrates. These

carbohydrates slowly release energy, throughout the day keeping you feeling fuller for


Naazneen Adamjee said: “During Ramadan I make meals that are lentil based, like chana dal

and I serve it with rice. This really reenergises you and gives you a carbohydrate boost. I also

cook a traditional East African Iftari recipe called Ujji which is a broth made of bajra, jowar

and rice – perfect mix of slow release grains. It gives a good carbohydrate kick that keeps

me going throughout the day.”

To create a filling and nutritious dish, pop over to Asda where 2kg East End Chana Dhal


With Ramadan falling in summer months, it is vital to stay hydrated

Wemimo always makes sure there are hydrating fruits on her table during Ramadan, this

helps her ensure her family remain hydrated throughout the day: “Watermelons, mangoes

and oranges not only keep you feeling fuller longer, they help you stay hydrated during the

day and give you the vitamins your body needs.”

Knowing how important hydration is, at Asda large watermelons are now £3 and to save you

the hassle of peeling and slicing, 850g of KTC Alphonso Mango Pulp 850g pulp is for £1.50.

Pick up fresh produce in store, but do your bulk shopping online

While everyone knows about the importance of stocking up on essential food items before

Ramadan, sometimes finding time to pop into your local store may not be convenient, this is

where online shopping can play a big part.

While Wemimo says, she prefers going to the supermarket for fresh meat and vegetables

she said. “Supermarkets like Asda, have made life simpler with online shopping. All I do is

make a list of what I want, from small items like canned tomatoes to larger items like the

20kg bag of rice, I get everything I need delivered to me at a time of my choice. That way I

get more time to wrap up the household chores.”

Take care of yourself

While you are busy prepping your kitchen, and running around to get things in order, it is

important to take out some time to take care of yourself. Naazneen said: “Abstaining from

food and water can take a toll on your body, so a month before I take small steps like

weaning off coffee so my body doesn’t get dehydrated. Also, I make sure I moisturise my

skin twice a day, as sometimes lack of water during the day can make my face and hands

feel dry.”

British Bangladeshi Ayesha does this by drinking at least a litre of water at Sehri so that the

body gets a healthy dose of water before the fasting hour kicks off.

This year Asda has a unique range of Halal cosmetics, to help your skin to remain nourished

through Ramadan.

Asda hopes these tips will help you prepare better for Ramadan this year and wishes you all

Ramadan Kareem.

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