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Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour can protect us from the worst fall outs of Brexit and give our great country a kick-start for a new beginning

26943By Dr Cyriac Maprayil :: We are all only too aware that getting out of the EU was not on the political agenda of any party except that of UKIP at any time. We are also aware that the conservative leaders, past or present including Mrs Thatcher, Cameron and Mrs May used EU platforms and negotiations more as a tool to show off their ‘political wisdom’ for the British public.

  Although the referendum and the decision to get out of EU happened by default the Conservative party is now trying to exploit the 

situation to win the coming elections by misleading the public stating that the Prime Minister needs a new mandate to deal with the EU.

Our most recent Prime Ministers, namely David Cameron and Theresa May failed to put Britain’s case adequately and successfully to their EU colleagues. They failed miserably which begs the question, if they could not negotiate fruitfully from within, how much hope can we put on their eventual success while doing it from outside?

They failed because their basic approach was probably wrong “Get something for nothing” the colonial mind-set still in the leader’s DNA was perhaps the style of negotiations vis-à-vis the key members of Europe.

With BREXIT talk and BREXIT thinking the Tory part knowingly or otherwise has reintroduced a kind of reactionary outlook into our shores which this country hasn’t seen since the 1930’s.

David Cameron called for a referendum, the consequences of which he was unprepared for. Faced with BREXIT he ran away from the mess of his own making. In the political vacuum that followed Mrs May presented herself as the most viable option. Despite the fact that she had not supported Britain’s departure from Europe, Theresa May was nevertheless seen as the most viable option by the Conservatives. Her actions and attitude since taking up office have supported the idea that she does not have much of a clue as to how to take Britain forward. Her main agenda seems to be concerned with doing her level best to isolate Britain from her European neighbours as well as controlling the flow of immigrants into Britain.

The Tory manifesto and practical vision for Britain are not appealing even to the mainstream of the British public let alone to those on the margins of our society namely the poor, the old and the disabled. Such a manifesto has no long term relevance and could eventually dismantle the very fabric of our society. Regardless of the irrelevance of the manifesto the British electorate is being told to give the Tory party a renewed mandate so that they can apparently protect us from the impending tsunami of BREXIT-divorce. I see this as a stunt pure and simple, please do not be hoodwinked.

The increasingly pro-Tory media has tried to convince the electorate that we need a Prime Minister who can handle the negotiations and that Mrs May is the only one that can be ruthless and uncompromising enough to deal with  the leaders of the EU. The British electorate should not fall for this. Our elections are not about Europe, they are about the future of our country and how we want our nation to sustain itself and develop in the years to come.

Years of Conservative rule followed by the era of so called New Labour have eroded the social values Britain has always championed. Behind the curtain of the Brexit fallout, May has been cutting back on essential services such as the Police, the NHS and education, to name but a few.

Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand, has the most democratic inclusive and humane manifesto action plan. Jeremy Corbyn if elected will bring a healing touch to this deeply divided nation. His plans to reduce the costs of university education, to apply higher rates of taxation only to those who are earning over 80,000 as well as his plans to implement greater numbers of police on the ground show that he is not the irresponsible, radical leader that the media portrays him to be. He will socially and economically empower the poor in our midst without demolishing the rich.

He is a position to invite himself to any European country, with or without a tie and share his thoughts easily with any of the European counterparts. He will be able to negotiate the best and get the best out the EU for our country for now and for the future while simultaneously ensuring that a fairer, more coherent and inclusive society is the ultimate goal.

Dr Cyriac Maprayil


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