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Two Bengals and Hindus’ Issue

Fatema Miah :A latent factor and twists in the tale of Two Bengals current issue.

In India Bengalis anger and hatred has raised up against Bangladeshis. Some  West Bangalis reacting and commenting with bias hatred towards Bangladeshis. They are very dismissive of any rationality or logic, or common sense. It been turned as open war-fare of hate comments with collective  accusation.  Reactive manners always louder.

It has been a dragging and nagging issue in the recent months that some minority Hindus have been target of political or Zeal anger in Bangladesh. Only few evil gangs have targetted the minority Hindus in certain part of Bangladesh like Braman Bariah region near Dhaka and near some border areas.  The Bangalis of both sides in conflict.

Some Indians raised their angered comments that Bangladeshis are fanatical minded Muslims, ill acting and, hateful of Hindus. There are commenting narrow minded rigid, making it as if all Bangladeshis are going into India the West Bengal  and doing crimes. As if all Bangladeshis killing and torturing all Hindus in Bangladesh everyday.

They commenting as hatemongering, making it look like all Hindus are treated low and inferior in Bangladesh. They making bias statement of Bangladesh as a fanatical country of Muslims where Hindus are hated and killed.  Sad like themselves commentators there few beings in Bangladesh also do cause the reason for such molehill to be exaggerated into mountain.

Some West Bangalis wrote India shouldn’t have helped Bangladesh in 1971. So forth on, there have been added, Bangladeshis do not understand Freedom or independence, so Bangladeshis should have been left enslaved under feet of Pakistanis. Bangladeshis do not appreciate India’s support that got Bangladesh it’s independence.

There are so many argumentative points to be raised about India’ approach in 1971, from Bangladeshis’ perspective. From Indian perspective of one example, I gave, how wouldn’t India approach, when Hindus were prime open justified target of  Pakistanis. Power abuse next to my vicinity and I would say how dare ypu are.

Bangladesh would became independent anyhow from Pakistan inevitably. Military dictation could oppress a nation but not obliterate Nationalism  The main factor for Indians involvement was Pakistan threatened India already and occupied Cashmere region. What is expected as appreciation? Bangladesh has been paying heavy surcharge of bill for Indias  support.

In My Book UNSPOKEN as I wrote it has ben a never ending repayments for Bangladesh, Bangladesh weighted down in debt. Bangladesh has been  bearing Indias unnecessary political mischiefs. Also India had received  international aid in supporting Bangladesh furthermore,  factor ignored is that India gained International attention and applauding at the Bangladeshis victimised state.  

Issue is Hindu people of Bangladesh emigrating to India the West Bengal. There West Bengalis aren’t happy of new or foreign importantly Bangladeshis the former  Eastern regional people who they consider inferior to them.  The discrimination in Majority general West Bengali people was very obvious and normal that further enhanced and politically  and socially normalised.

The twist in the tale is quiet obvious and apparent. Hindus of Bangladesh seek fame and desire ready  heroic  upper stance, to be touching to Bollywood sky hight. There Indian the it’s self portrays the Bollywood talents along other advancement Internationally.  Bangladesh in that sense is lurking behind, yet reaching mile stones at a time.  

The Bangali people going to India, telling their sobbing stories, mountain of molehill, to get shelter, to take refuge and to gain the Indian Citizenship. Its their  frustration of being part of developing / under developed country or Nation.  Gush! Where is the Hindu Faith of The Love of Mother Land? Also there in West it is Indian citizenship Bharatio, Bangali nationalism is not acknowledged.

Mr Biswajit enlightened the issue, he analysed and wrote a lengthy evaluation that he concluded that  Most  Hindu people in Bangladesh do not wishfully integrate with Neighbourhood Muslims, they refuse to co- operate socially  with Muslims in Bangladesh.  Privilege or affluent Hindus oppress and try to  the disadvantage Hindus.

Bangladeshi Citizen provided this link in contradiction to Hindus are discriminated in Bangladesh. He argued by pointing at the fact that Bangladesh Chief Justice name is Sinha and he is a Hindu. Further reports links he addressed at.  There are more than  50% Low cast Hindus, they are treated not fairly, worse of all they are treated badly from Upper hands Hindus regularly.

In Bangladesh in 2013 in Police recruitment out of total 1520 there ate 338 Hindus officers been selected in posts. In the intelligent forensic services 23 Hindus in posts out of total 93, in percentage Hindus are in equally taken in the services Bangladesh. Regardless of faith,  always happens to be some hate harbouring individuals and they do express their inner rage to something or someone.

There  is a Anti- Discrimination law in place for their rights.  The Upper Class Hindus deprive the lower class Hindus as such, even they disallow cremation of the lower class in the same crematorium.  Foe example of, there in  Keshab pur, the funeral was disturbed, cremation stopped and pushed people out of Crematorium by force with corpse.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK


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