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Actions after London Bridge terror attack

By Fatema Miah ::After Tarawee the Ramadan night prayers, returned home and flicked the remote control, Oh no! London attacked again. There was an attack in London Bridge. London was attacked by terrorists, not IRA or KKK, or BNP, it was by fanatic, radicalised hate group, did it uttering word Allahu Akbar. They called it Islamic and Islamist. It is Arab hate relation brain washed terror attack. Islamic? It is   incorrect phrase, politically correction needed here with new word like Anti Western or  Anti peace, Hate  mongers asylum something like that. I am Islamic, praying whole night , dragging  two teens with me and fasting whole day to please God, giving in charity to feed needy and treatments to cure, not to injure or hurt so , what is Islamic about terror attacks?

Answers came from non-Muslims, few examples here:

“Terrorism has nothing to do with religion. Those that employ violence use their alleged faith or beliefs as an ‘excuse’ for their evil intentions. There will sadly always be horrible people in this world who wish to harm others, we must all stand together in unity, tolerance and love, only this way can we defeat them. Stay strong Fatema Miah, we all stand together against those who would divide us”.

“Your efforts are not in vain Fatema Miah. However the journey to peace is longer now than ever. Helping not hurting is what all spiritual leaders should be teaching in word & example. Only justice & compassion and LEADERSHIP can renew hope for tolerance. The following OpEd discusses the rising numbers of hate groups  in America.”

“When hateful people have power (as they now do), they embolden other hateful people, giving them license to unleash the God-awful things that they’d otherwise keep concealed and subjecting the rest of us to a regular cavalcade of horrors.”

“They do not respond to facts, data, honest questions, personal stories, heartfelt pleas, civil discussion, or any of the things many of us grew-up believing people wanted when engaging in disagreement. They are fully entrenched in their heavily fortified position of contempt and they are not budging. And so, even if your instinct and intention is to build a bridge or have a conversation or find common ground with them, they have little interest, if such things mean having to relinquish any of the hatred their hearts have become so set off.”

“Unfortunately, Islamic terrorism is being waged by a religion! It is a shame that the whole religion is being blamed when it just a small radical part, but the they are Muslims and declare that their god directs them to kill innocent people. This happens when their own people turn their backs to be ‘politically correct’ and refuse to rid their house of vermin. If the good Muslims would get together and eradicate this disease, they would gain a lot more respect in the world.” Further added, “Thanks for your support, Fatema Miah, you sound like a really nice, sane person. Lets hope the world can slap these idiots down. Passivism just doesn’t work with them! The more you leave them alone, the more it empowers them. I hope I live long enough to see the end of these Radical Haters”.

A Bengali polytheist commented : “Too many cooks spoil the broth and too many leaders (so-called) spoil religions. There are too many “Leaders” being paid by the vested quarters to cause division. It is easiest  to start violence using either 1) Religious differences or 2) Using Nationalism. Just start calling a Religious community something bad and see what happens. Similarly call a Nation something bad and see the violence that follows. I dream of the day  when there will be no killings, no antagonism and no religious sentiments.” Regardless of his believe, his points are wise as usual.

It is true, I have raised in the past repeatedly, that too many leadership seekers causing the damages in the society.

I felt there was a loop hole, that some individuals fell through, not acting according to Islam, rather went on to attack claiming being Islamic. It is Holy month Ramadan when quarrel, fighting and war forbidden  and those individuals instead of to do worshiping; pray in the night and fast during the day, they planned attacks and causing unrest.  Proper teaching on Islam need to be in place.

USA attorney questioned; “When I see someone pressed to use one word alone to describe terrorism whose perpetrators claim the mantel of Islam, that word is “Islamist.”  How proper is this?”  What I believe and the truth is I commented: Terrorism is crime, and Islam a religion. From definition of tight set of values, the meaning shifted to criminal acts. From jokes it turned to hate word ‘Islamist’. Whereas, Islamist was used in 80s for those strict Arabians’ on Islamic practises, not a negative way. Rather in a friendly manner by Westerners’ described them being  tight on dressing code and dismissive of certain western  fun activities.

At the wake of London Bridge terrorists’ attack, in the month of Ramadan, it raised tension across the world. It has been serious of attacks in the row within short period of time in UK alone.

Eventually,  Hafiz Alim Sharif Uddin called a meeting with Bangladeshi UK Muslim Scholars community and put an Action Plan in place  and circulated to all Bangladeshi Islamic orgs.   

“In the UK, the activities we Bangladeshi Muslim community can do continuously as urgent:

  • on behalf of the main Islamic schools and respected Scholar we can make declaration against  radicalisation
  • From every Masjid Mimbar on the next Jumma sermons to raise and discuss in detail about the radical groups  gone  astray.
  • To release  the khutba/ sermon on YouTube , Facebook and on other against terrorism.
  •  on behalf of every community; as well as in English, also in other Languages of every community, The Quran and Hadith references those are against terrorism to be published and distributed.
  • To organise demonstrations in the Capitals and Big cities of UK, Non-Muslims to be invited to come along.
  • To organise and hold a long Marche From London to Manchester against the terrorism
  • To determine a system to inform the local police to investigate against Individuals with sign of radicalised  views.”

They messaged me that my persistently emphasise on the topic of Islam being manipulated jolted them to voice, although they condemned such  attacks in the name of Islam and have not voice louder. I translated their action plan into English and shared on social media.  Seeing the action plan, Hindu Human right activists there in India expressed their appreciation and commented this is what they were expecting action from Islamic scholars society against such abuses in the name of Islam. Also the USA attorney offered, he will do his best to push it to law department to support any cause, further he added, he believed only I Fatema Miah  could do something positive, though he doesn’t know how. Neither I do. Bengali USA Business person shown willing to fund the cause to defeat terrorism.     

Here are few references I quoted for Khutba/sermon : 42/42  Quran instruct against those cross limit and act in rage, angrily attack,  to be punished. Verily this Verse 4242 in Quran in Shura says, to punish the wrong doers whom act against others, do wrong, there is a punishment for them.  Also in Shura Verse 37 it says to avoid crimes and shameful deeds, and to forgive even when angry, there will be reward for them. As such we Majority Muslims do live by.  60/8  Not to cause distress to people wish to live with peace.  Not to attack on people not at war or causing violence. Verse 8 in Mohammed, It is not allowed, forbidden to attack or fight people who aren’t killing or attacking on you for your  faith.

Therefore, the terrorists and the radicalisation drive force should be given declaration FATWA against them being disobedient and acting against Quran and Islam. The radicalised individuals   should be handed  over to Law to be dealt with. The Hudud  sharia application Tazir  must be applied to deal with terrorism.


Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK.



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