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Exchanges Followed on London Bridge attack

By Fatema Miah

After the Terrorist Attack in London Bridge, many exchanges of comments, has been there on the social media, as usual, like after the other atrocities. Someone raised the Arab anger because of Our Britain’s past failure there in Arab and ongoing saga there. However it doesn’t  justify the attacks on civilians here in UK. The way of dealing reactively, and dragging other ethnic people to terrorism, by hypnotising is concerning matter. It is a apparent  the past is strongly interlinked into contemporary political state. Some believe the rise of Islamic terrorism is due to the US attacking and overthrowing powerful rulers like Saddam and Qaddafi after the disintegration of the USSR. “From the frying pan to the fire !”  It is terribly saddening for the innocent women and children of the middle eastern countries .

Indian dentist believes, “Actually the Second world war never got over. The axis shifted to Russia . Wars and unrest and political manipulations continue to date.  The nazis may have perished but their ‘nazi ism ‘ and basic anti Semitism remains in other forms”. Frankly speaking,  would be best US  to interfere in that region and disturb the balance. USA don’t comprehend the details of the Muslim world specially Arab mentality,  it would be best they  get out of there and let them deal with their affairs. Then again, cannot be separate or to withdraw because of the oil requirement for what they been causing the turmoil in the region. USA have created monsters like Saddam and Gadhafi gone back with Britain to threw them out and complete vanish Saddam and overthrew his regime.

About USA we are aware of their empire building policy, although the world is reluctant to address and USA its-self denial of admiring it. I quoted Ferguson in my book Unspoken, that he called USA an Rising Empire, ruling the world  with its military power, caused  clausal damage and fiscal deficit to the world already in the last decade, at the open of Iraq and Afghan war. In regard to terrorism issue and attacks in UK because of Arabian cry still a concerning issue. With hate and resentment, some individuals working from close hidden, behind the screen harbouring terrorism ideology, targeting UK or British  Citizens to be radicalised being  filled with hate and anger to attack and kill own fellow citizen, raises tension that too in the name of Islam.

Arab Political issue should be separated from Islam for as well as the respect of Islam and to be able to deal with terrorism. Political anger has been player with Islam here, and Islam is used and abused. When Arab grab and pull Islam into  the Arab political unrest, the world must stand to disapprove and we Muslims must draw the perimeter on the Islamic boundary and affirm it. Every region has its own political upheavals, issues of own and local factors to deal with. Only in regard to Arab Issues Islam is dragged in, abused and used. Arabs and it’s issues are severe, no doubt. World is concern and are doing best to support.

We are not having a religious war. Political shambles. NO WAR ON ISLAM! It was war on terrorism in Tony Blair ministerial time phrase. The radicals are allowed free , and Muslims are given tention.    Contradictory talk  needed you see. Its political for the politicians to be able to drift  on to, and to get self importance  by talking on the topic.  Yes, sarcastically, hated has to be caused for politics, so, politicians can show that they are supportive,  to get their party supported. They all love the game play, Islam is a lovely and easy to use word to add suffixes onto it as to gest up for desired test. For example; Islam ic or Islam st. And the game continued being played. Our intelligents  are aware of the weed roots  and political part play or what else that were let to sprout out. I have been writing spreading the picture of the angles are missed usually.  

Bangladeshi polytheist being strong supporter to me for years now, who always enthusiastically defended and approve my status, articles, he wrote “If we have real human beings like Fatema working her best ably supported by a large group, Terrorism will be eradicated. My hats off. “ Like many others he also believes this radicalisation issue can be solved by me or my ideology. Which I do not understand how, because there is a largest wider world controlled by political minds, I am rather too ordinary and weak compare to that.  To eradicate the such wider and rooted vinoumous tentacles’ , its a long way and many directional, needs strength and large and multiple support systems in place.  

English Author commented to our like minded understanding “Fundamentalism claims to be traditionalist, and opposed to modernity. It is actually modernist, and opposed to tradition and to postmodernity.”. Right Steve, I agreed, twist of phrases but  it is actually the kind of hate or intolerance, insolence and lacking of values and morality because of that what it is that they like to point finger at others due to inner lacking and uncertainty. The modernism came in, from theology to enlighten. To upgrade and value, not to degrade and disvalue. Those are dismissive they have not modernised in true mean. Here comes an explanation from Indian dentist “an Traditionalists tell you what to do without any reasons but a fundamentalist will give you reasons and are a modern group of people wielding modern weapons and using modern electronics and internet. A traditional radical will attack you with a sword after finding you riding his steed while a radical fundamentalist will track you down on the gps system and blast you with an AK47.” The scenario described as such less to modern day terrorism.

Fantasy seem to has become the reality, the ISIS ideology seems mere fantasy. A war is being fought like the Lord of the Ring, the worriers are being  summoning from everywhere and anywhere to randomly  fight. Radicalisation a drive seems to be control by evil source behind it. Who or what needs finding out.  Surely ISIS wasn’t formed by Arabian love, neither it has anything to do with Islam or faith. A bunch of fantasy loving lads and girls are enticed and casted into the fake heroic rules that where they acting villian to humanity. For instance of Lord of the Ring War mechanism, there is no source or reason behind. Thus, the fantasy lovers needs to be reminded the Dragons scroll turned out blank and there was no Holy Griel after all.  

Imam name Tawhidi tweeted condemnation by blaming radical Islam, a western women replied with understanding, we know that Islam doesn’t teach murdering. Imam replied back, no, it does, because Muslims beheaded its own Prophets son in Karbala. His comment reads and sounds hilarious, though I believe he wrote in frustration, because instance of Karbala was a time like the current time in fact worse for year. There an rlevil minded took power on hand and planned and slaughtered good law obedient people with Prophets family, peace be upon them. This Imam Tawhidi might be Shia Muslim, that they could not accept the injustice massacre till todays date.

The atrocity of Karbala and the sequences of incident I shall write in detail for knowledge and understanding. Terrorism isn’t just a new thing, neither only been acting 1st time abusing Islam.     

Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK.



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