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Mrs May – jump or be pushed

By Munir Ahmed :: Mrs May is toast. Her inept handling of national issues are coming to the surface in quick succession. The tower block inferno in West London could be the last nail on her political coffin. She must go or she will be pushed off the cliff.

No government which is stumbling so much and lacking overwhelming majority in the parliament should embark on negotiating Brexit that will shape the future of the nation. The complexity and magnitude of the task involved and it’s far reaching impact on the nation rightly demand for a government which has clear mandate from the people.

Right now she and her government are languishing at the nadir of public confidence. Mrs May’s desperate bit to cobble together support with DUP – an unlikley political partner, smacks of convinience rather than conviction. It may give her a wafer thin majority but that is not a representation of the nation. Her minority government and DUP – hitherto an obscure, regional backwater will not stand on good stead with the nation to lead it through the Brexit negotiation.

Her feeble position in the home front will be exploited by the EU during Brexit negotiation which was famously taunted by Jeremy Paxman in a recent interview with her. Already she has toned down on her hawkish stance of hard Brexit and hinted a shift from the ill fated assertion of ‘a no deal is better than a bad deal’ which has badly backfired. 

Tories are known to be ruthless in stabbing their leader when it comes to the crunch.  The reason no one has brought out the knife as yet is their calculation of the consequences. A leadership contest will lead to a call for a general election. Given the Corbyn surge during the last election that took them as well as the nation by surprise, they know which way the wind is now blowing. By ousting May, they don’t want to be thrown out of the government and hence this truce.  But that’s unlikley to last long. 

Mrs May is doggedly holding on to her position and going for Brexit negotiation but it will never sit comfortably with the nation. The Tories must rise above their party interest and go for a general election seeking nation’s mandate with a new leader.

They can challange Mr Corbyn’so rising popularity by reposition their party on the centre by taking on more social responsibilities, reshaping NHS funding and curbing on corporate profiteering through over hauling tax system and all these could be done withthout necessarily hampering on their good reputation of managing economic efficiency and thereby augmenting their electoral credibility.

With the Labour under Mr Corbyn veered too far to left with all these irresponsible promises of freebies, nationalisation agenda and free rein of trade unionism, people who know rudimentary of economics will remain weary of them handling public finance and economic growth. But he was not challanged enough on his economic policy during the election.

Too complacent with a prospect of a sweeping majority, the Tory didn’t run the campaign with full throttle. They failed to showcase their economic achievements – lowest unemployment, better GDP in EU, rapid reduction of national debt – just a few among many and most importantly they didn’t mount a robust challenge to Mr Corbyn’s utopian economic policies.

Mrs May and her team will start Brexit negotiation tomorrow and they are doing it without the nation behind them. This is a spectacular failure of democracy just the way it failed when Mr Blair dragged the nation to the Middle East conflict without mandate from the public.

Shall we wait with bated breath or mount a mass movement the kind of which was not seen before. 

Munir Ahmed



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