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Iftar Mahfil organised by Sylhet Sadar Association (North)

unnamed (12)organised its Iftar Mahfil on 11th June in a restaurant in Brick Lane.

Convenor Foyjul Islam Lashkar presided over pre-iftar discussion meeting and Member Secretary Shahin Ahmed Joyed conducted it.

Guests who addressed the audience included Selim Ullah, Shamsuzzaman Sabul, Abdus Sattar, Paris Ahmed, Jamal Uddin, Selim Hossain, Shahin Hossain, Elahi Baksh, Selim Khan and Editor of Shirshabindu Shumon Ahmed.

The speakers emphasised that Sylhet Sadar Association North will be working as a non-profit making organisation. Members who attended the event committed to co-operate with the acitivities of the organisation.

Anyone who wants to be a member of the organisation has been asked to contact Joyed on 079 3048 9187.


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