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Bust the stress with chamomile tea

Herbal tea in a teabag with herbal leavesLooking out the window and watching the rainfall can be quite a stress buster.


Enjoy a few minutes break from work. Take a deep breath.

Look out the window if you can’t step out in the rain, and soak up the coolness. Let the freshness outside ease your brows.


While you are at it, sip a hot cup of chamomile tea and stay rejuvenated.


The humid weather during the rainy season can add to your work stress.


If you are struggling to de-stress or suffering from anxiety, chamomile tea, with its many medicinal properties, can work wonders on you.


The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties found in Chamomile helps to treat many health problems. Experience its many healing benefits.


Daily intake of chamomile tea can treat skin infections like acne, eczema, chikenpox and psoriasis.


The essential oils present in it also nourishes the skin. Regular intake can make the skin glow. Some use face scrub made of chamomile and honey paste.


Chamomile also treats stomach infections and gastrointestinal disorder. So, drink chamomile tea when you are down with food poisoning or suffer from an upset stomach.


Its anti-inflammatory property helps to ease swelling and pain in the body, including muscle spasms.


Drinking chamomile tea also helps to treat insomnia and other sleep-disorder caused by stress and anxiety, which is why it is a good stress buster.


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