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Natural beauty pulls thousands during Eid vacation to Sylhet

unnamed (2)Thousands of tourists from various parts of the country have been visiting Sylhet during their Eid holidays as the region offers an abundance of natural beauty with lush green hills, tea gardens and waterfalls.

The district, famous for the tea gardens, is considered one of the most beautiful regions of the country and the tourists have thronged different destinations in droves to enjoy and explore the natural beauty.

Lush green hills, forests, rivers and waterfalls are part of the natural splendour, Sylhet has to offer for every visitor.

Jaflong, Bichhanakandi, Khasiapunji, Lovachhara, Lalakhal, Pantumai Waterfalls and Ratargul Swamp forest are the top spots that draw the most of the visitors round the year.

Sylhet City also has the Sufi shrines of Hazrat Shahjalal and Hazrat Shah Paran.

These places attract tourists throughout the year, but during the vacations, the number of tourists goes up exponentially always.

During this Eid, it’s no different at all as thousands are visiting and spending time at all these tourist spots.

The visitors are surrounded by beautiful scenery that has hills, river, crystal clear water and colourful stone collection of the riverbed in Gowainghat’s Jaflong, one of the most popular tourist destinations outside the city and near the Assam border with India.

From this side of the border, the view of the Indian side includes waterfalls on Dauki mountain and the Dauki Hanging Bridge. Jaflong also has the Piayin River with its cold refreshing clear water.

Sylhet Hotel and Guesthouse Owners’ Association General Secretary, Tahmin Ahmed, told bdnews24.com that around 35,000 people could stay in over 500 hotels and motels, and these hotels always are full during the Eids.

He said it was same as the last Eid holidays and there was no vacancy in the hotels. Normally, around 20,000 people stay in the hotels and guesthouses every week.

Mosharraf Karim, who came from Dhaka, told bdnews24.com, “Jaflong is extraordinary. The waterfalls, the clear of Piyain River will amaze anyone. I’m fascinated by this place.”

Lalakhal, however, comes before Jaflong on the road. But tourists have to take speedboats to get there. Anyone would certainly enjoy the boat rides and tourist spots in Lalakhal.

Another top tourist attraction in Jaintapur, Lalakhal is covered with hills, forests, tea gardens, and rivers. Nearly 12 km of the Saree River from Lalakhal to Sarighat, the colour of the water always looks translucent and green because of the minerals in the water and the sandy riverbed.

In the beautiful Ratargul freshwater swamp forest, the water level is eight to 10 feet during the rainy season. But it drops during the winter.

The swamp forest is full of plants and trees. The submerged trees and the plants and shrubs covering them envelop most of the swamp while giving the vibe of a giant green canopy of sorts.

The main transport to roam around Ratargul is small boats. Tourists take them to catch the beauty of the swamp and the freshwater, which is most beautiful during the rainy season.

Anas Habib of Bogra is here for the holidays. He told bdnews24.com, “This is like the Sundarbans. The forest’s beauty seduces anyone who looks at it while having a great boat ride.”

Gowainghat now has another tourist attraction which is developed recently compared to the other spots.

Bichhanakandi has been drawing tourists in their thousands every month since it has created a majestic look with hills, stones and river.

The stones are coming with the water from the waterfalls on the mountains of Meghalaya on the other side of the border. The picturesque landscape over the Piyain River there easily mesmerises everybody.

Samsuzzoha of Khulna, who is here with his family, said the journey to Bichhanakandi was a bit tiresome due to the rundown condition of the road. “But that went away the moment I laid my feet on this bed of rocks. This place is simply awesome.”

“Anyone would want to come here again and again. I’m here with my family. Everybody is very happy,” he added.

Sylhet’s Superintendent of Police Md Moniruzzaman said they have deployed over 500 police personnel to ensure safety to the tourists visiting the area.


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