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The North Korean threat to the United States “horrible torment”

North Korea has threatened America to give ‘terrible pain’ to DiuOn the day of imposition of a fresh ban on North Korea, the country has given such threat. News BBC

On Monday, the UN Security Council imposed fresh sanctions against North Korea on response to the United States resolution.

In response, North Korea’s Ambassador to the United Nations Han Taeye Sang said in a meeting in Geneva that their next move will be the most painful in the history of the United States, which has no experience in the country.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said in response to Tuesday that this block is nothing compared to what is going to happen. He believes that getting the consent of everyone on the issue of the Security Council is a big deal.

However, the last blockbuster was a manifestation of some kind of patience throughout the world against North Korea, in a disarmament meeting in Geneva, US representative Robert Wood said.

He said, “The decision yesterday (Monday) gave a very clear message to North Korea. And that is the whole world tired of their provocative behavior. And the world is now ready to take action. I believe this blockade will help the country stop its nuclear weapons and missile programs. ”

Last North Korea imposed restrictions on some quantities of crude oil and coal export. Apart from this, restrictions have also been imposed on the workers of the country’s income generation and the workers who work in other countries.

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