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China’s missile-fighter aircraft, a huge drill, was organized in China

China-Pakistan joint warfare exercise to strengthen China-Pakistan ties The last week is important in this exercise. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Khwaja Muhammad Asif was visiting China when the trial was going on.

During this visit, the exercise is considered to be very important among the two countries. Basically this exercise is seen as training in the two officials of the two countries.

Pakistan and China jointly participated in this joint exercise, several types of combat aircraft including China’s G-11, GH-7 bomber aircraft and KG-200 avaux military aircraft.

In addition to this, Beijing has used the missile units in the sky to be used in this exercise. Analysts say this exercise was done to answer India on one side and Washington on the other.

India should know that China is beside Pakistan. On the other hand, US President Donald Trump has recently blamed Pakistan for continuing terrorism in Afghanistan, saying that the government of Pakistan continued to cooperate with terrorism.

The US Congress and the Military Department have already suggested to stop US aid in Pakistan. Pakistan has strongly protested this position by the US government.

Recently, the Pakistani government has strengthened relations with Russia and China, to convey to Washington that Pakistan’s hand is very rich in the politics of this region and the country is not fully supported by US aid.

On the other hand, on the issue of North Korea, on the issue of China-US dispute, China has recently been using Pakistan’s ability to show strength by supporting Pakistan.

As Pakistan and China are increasingly growing in the context of tensions with the US government, analysts say that the benefits or exemptions Pakistan has received from Pakistan so far has been trying to get it from China. And at the same time, this exercise is being considered as a trials.

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