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Leaving the property of 100 crores to the life of Sannyas

Sumit Rathor and Anamika Both of them are 35 and 34 respectively. The year has been married to them, the children have 3 years of age, the child is one, the property worth 100 crores.

However, the Jaina couple in Madhya Pradesh of India are choosing the life of monastic life by abandoning them all. The whole community is surprised at it.

They will start getting inspiration for the first time on September 23. This is the first step to be a monk. The family of both of them tried to convince them, but they did not get any benefit.

In the end, Anaamika’s father Ashok Chandaliya is ready to take responsibility for the 3 year old granddaughter; Who was once the BJP’s district president.

Earlier, in June this year, a 17 year old teenager was eager to become a monk. The teenager passed 99.9 percent of the 12th grade examination.

Anamika herself is the Gold Medalist in the eighth grade board examination. Later, after passing from Modi Engineering College in Rajasthan, he started working in Hindustan Zinc.

On the other hand, Sumit has a diploma in export-import management from London. After two years there, he returned home to deal with family business.

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