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United Kingdom charity organizations with the help of Rohingya

Oxfam, a UK-based charity, is providing food, sanitation facilities and tents to the Rohingyas who have fled to shelter camps to flee the Myanmar army’s ruckus state.

Four thousand Rohingya fleeing from Myanmar to Bangladesh after August 25 Raising refugees for Rohingyas has created humanitarian conditions, including drinking water, lack of sanitation, and shelter centers.

Thousands of people are clogging in a small, dirty and unhealthy environment.Women, children and old people are wailing because of lack of food, water and sanitation facilities.

UNICEF, United Nations Children’s Organization, told the need to provide emergency assistance to two million children in emergency situations.Oxfam, on the other hand, initially told to help two hundred Rohingyas.

Asylum centers are being supported by individual organizations as well as from different organizations of Bangladesh.

But in a poor country, it is becoming difficult for so many people to provide sanitation, tents, food and water. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey have extended their support to different countries.

Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz is giving Tk 4 billion as relief. Oxfam Bangladesh’s interim director, MB Akhtar, said people were completely frustrated. There is no clean water and no food to eat.

Houses these people have been tired of going a long way. Thousands of people are living under the open sky and without any protection in the forest. He also said people have become mentally upset. Oxfam stood beside them

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