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Before the election, the EC is worried about the voter list

Election Commission (EC) is worried about publishing the voter list properly before the eleventh parliamentary elections due to manpower crisis. Because, the extension of the Identification System for Enhanced Access to Services (IDEA) expansion of World Bank financing will end on December 31 this year.

The World Bank does not extend the tenure of the project. However, a new project of Taka 6.12 crore 43 lakhs has been approved for complete government financing. The Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) M. In the meeting held in the chairmanship of Nurul Huda, the project was initially approved.

According to the EC sources, StormCard project has been working with the funding of the World Bank funding under the ‘Identification System for Enhanced Access to Services (IDEA)’ project. The expiry of the expiry of the project on December 31 this year is ending.

Despite the EC’s interest, the World Bank has refused to extend the term of the project. After the project is closed, EC’s NID wing (National ID card registration department) will be difficult to prepare before the next parliamentary elections, with fewer manpower. Even the work of stemmart distribution will be stopped.

EC secretary Helaluddin Ahmed said the project was initially approved at the commission meeting. It will now go to the ECNEC meeting (National Economic Council) as the government’s constitutional division. The Commission is hopeful that the project will be started in the fastest time.

In the meeting, NID Director General Brigadier General Mohammad Saidul Islam said that the expiration of IDEA expires on December 31. The World Bank supports the preparation of accurate voters list with more than 10 million voter information data maintenance, updating of information, refinements and photographs through this project.

At present, 25 lakh new voter information updates are going on in the field. These activities will be completed by January 31. Although the IDEA project expires on December 31. On Sep 6, the World Bank has proposed not to increase the expiration of the project.

In this situation, in the absence of skilled manpower in the IDEA project, it will be difficult to implement nationally important multi-pronged activities, with the publication of last voter list, updated by January 31, 2015 with the help of NID’s short-manpower.

DPC has been prepared for a draft project involving skilled manpower of IDEA projects to overcome the problem. According to the EC sources, the new project has been named ‘Voter list preparation and sustainable infrastructure for providing national contact services’.

The Election Commission will implement the project. The period has been validated from January 1, 2018 to 31 December of 2022. Project estimated cost is Tk 1,161.24 crore For the purpose of conducting the Jatiya Sangsad Election, many issues have been discussed, including the collection of information of all citizens, updating the database, registering and registering citizens with 10 fingerprints and strengthening the database.

Two thousand 24 people have been shown the manpower of the project. However, most of the costs have been shown in the field of purchase of machines and other equipment for the printing of stemmers. Slow down on the IDEA project: EC officials said that the project with the national identity card was slow since its inception.

The EC is in agreement with the World Bank in 2011 to create identity cards. However, the project started functioning in 2012. The project’s tenure first was in June 2016. After the EC’s interest, the World Bank extended the expiration of the project till December this year.

Under the project, ECI’s agreement with France’s Authentic Technologies (OT) for the Stormart was signed on January 14, 2015 of Tk 816 crore ($ 10 billion). According to the agreement, on June 30, 2016, the country was supposed to reach upazila level by nine million stormart personalization.

But the organization failed. Later, the contract was extended to June 30 this year. However, till June, they could reach only 1 crore 98 lakh (12.20 percent) of the card at the upazila level. According to EC sources, the French company has provided blank (chunk) cards to it. After bringing it to Dhaka, the responsibility of the EC was sent to the upazila level by adding personal information to the person.

There are six crore 63 lakh 60 thousand bank account cards imported by Election Commission till June. The card requires more than 36 million. So far only two lakh 57 thousand voters have received the Stamart Card. According to the NID Wing, there is information of more than 17.1 million voters in the EC’s database.

Now cards are issued for those who have become voters by January 31, 2014. Those who have become voters since January 31, 2014, they are not being given the current national identity card. They will get leminated credentials written on paper.

Earlier, the Election Commissioner Brigadier General (retd) Shahadat Hossain Chowdhury told Samkal that the EC had no alternative to the new front to hand over the stamart card to all the citizens.

The citizen’s identity card in national life has become so important that the government’s own financing will have to finish this work.

Regarding the deal with France, he said that they failed to work with us according to the agreement. They were suggested to enter the national database on their behalf. In the interest of national security, this kind of proposal is acceptable to the commission

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