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Jinnaidah doctors and nurses continue to smoke in the clinic business!

Most of the clinics in Jhenaidah have no doctors and no nurse at all times. There is no better treatment available. If you see the operation theater, it seems that the household choir. However, renewal of the clinics of the clinics is being renewed every year.

Jhenaidah Civil Surgeon’s office said that there are 164 in total clinics and diagnostic centers in Jhenaidah district. Of them, there are 67 in Jhenaidah Sadar upazila, 13 in Harinakundu, 19 in Shailakupa, 18 in Maheshpur, 31 in Kaligonj and 16 in Kotchandpur upazila.

In the list sent to the Health Ministry, the list shows that many clinics in Jhenaidah district town have no manpower, equipment, doctors and nurses all the time. In all cases, renewal of these clinics is being renewed every year.

The list of people not included in the list is Kajal Clinic and Islami Private Hospital Dakbangla, Creative Hospital, Haldi BM Private Hospital, Chuadanga Bus Stand Care Hospital of City, Baidanga Private Hospital of Sadar Upazila, Lab Aid Private Hospital in Jhenaidah City, New Islami Private Hospital in Gopalpur and Goalpara Habiba Private hospital Dr. Rasheda Sultana, Civil Surgeon of Jhenaidah said, “We are very strict in this regard.

If the conditions are not met, no license will be renewed. He said that in the financial year 2017-2018 we did not renew any of the licenses. Moreover, the ministry is now looking after the matter. He also said that if we receive the complaint, we will stop the faulty clinics from sealing.

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