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Another brother disappeared after the disappearance of two brothers in Kotchandpur, disappointed locals!

Another brother disappeared after two brothers disappeared from Kotchandpur of Jhenaidah. Residents of the same family are frustrated by the disappearance of three people.

Masudur Rahman and Masum Billah, one of the missing ‘missing brothers’ have been missing for two years. His name is Sajedur Rahman (26).

Recently the family gets the news that Sajedur is in Kashimpur jail in Gazipur. But he could not be found there. Sajedur was recently ‘disappeared’ Masudur (24) his elder brother and Masum (16) cousin. Sajedur was a truck driver’s assistant.

The truck was going out of the house in early 2015, and did not return. He has no searching for these two years. On Thursday, Jhenaidah went to Harindia village in Kotchandpur to talk with Sajedur and Masudur’s elderly mother, Firoza Begum.

He said, there is no search for a boy for two years. He is always concerned about him. In this situation another boy (Masudur) was taken away during the day. He has no explanation.

Who is going to go now, do not think. Firoza Begum said, “Sajedur has been arrested by police from Chittagong for a few days ago.” Later, one of the people heard that Sajedur was in Kashimpur Jail. Then he and his husband Mominul Islam went to Kashipur jail.

But the prison said, no one is there to be detained. Firoz-Mominul has five sons and one daughter. The family said that Sajedur’s brother, College student Masudur was picked up on October 12 in a microbus. During the incident, he was in the village street. Then on 15 November night Sajdur’s cousin Madrasa Masum Billah was taken to the house from a microbus.

Kotchandpur thana officer-in-charge (OC) Biplob Kumar Saha said that he had recently heard that one of the family Sajedur has been missing for two years. However, he did not come to the police station where he was arrested anywhere. And the two brothers are missing recently.

Meanwhile, Masum Billah’s father Aminul Islam on Wednesday made a general diary (GD) at Kotchandpur Police Station. Masum has taken up the incident and mentioned some earlier events. It is said in the GD that after taking Masum, they were searching for it.

Then the villager Abu Bakar told him that he got a call from an unknown number on his mobile phone on November 15 at 5 pm. The person on the other side is aware whether Masum Billah is at home or not.

Masum Billah was taken away that night. On 22 November, Kushana Union Parishad (UP) member Ohidul Islam phoned to the number. Then the person on the other side called himself a member of law enforcement agencies. However, he refused to tell where he was working.

Meanwhile, the person did not agree to his identity when he called the number. When the matter came to the notice of Aminul Islam’s GD from his phone, the person said that he can talk to any number.

Then disconnect the phone connection. Asked about this, Kotchandpur Police Station OC Biplob Kumar Saha said that the missing Masum’s father mentioned this in the GD. The police took GD accordingly. Seeing the investigation.

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