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In Jhenaidah, interest rates have increased in large numbers

Hundreds of thousands of families, hundreds of families, hundreds of suicides, suicides, and hundreds of cases were filed in the Jhenidah tribunal. Bicycle trader Rono Datta had a business in Jhenaidah town.

There was a big shop in her mother’s bike store on Sher-e-Bangla Road. There was no shortage of influence and power.

Then, for the expansion of the business, he took the money at a huge interest. And that is their time. In Jhenaidah city, Shukkhor, Pahabati village, Imran Shah and Arki Khokan invested Tk 25 million in business. But to give interest and real money, Pareshan Rano Dutta sells the house for fear of interest, in India.

Nikhil and Sunil Kumar Kundur of Tetultala village had a business in Jhenaidah town. In front of KC College, there was a big shop named after their brother Bhai Sanitary. They did not even pay interest, they sold houses and shops in Jhenaidah secretly and settled in Ranaghat in India. Coca-Cola’s big business in Kolarpara of the city’s Kalabagan was tender and tender of Chaklaparara.

Unable to pay the money, they went to India. The owner of the City’s Mirza Store is finally sitting on the bank of bankruptcy. Arif Arif Army Homoeo of Sher-e-Bangla Road in the city, he has lost all the way to Khokon with Tk 5 lakhs of interest, up to 20 lakhs. After selling his own house and market in the city, he is now living in a rented house.

Modhupur Tapash and his brother Palash Kundu and Aditya Shah Hooda of Parkpara have been sacked. The way the rice dealers Mokaddes Hossain, Riyadh Cotton sapera Malik Aslam Hossain, Oriental Store Owner Babu Mia, brick field owner Shahidul Islam, Sun hardware Malik Abdul Mannan, tama hardware, the owner of the memories Kumar Das, capari Madhupur market dealers Rampal, syamapala and Madanapala, tiles Hundreds of established traders, including Mofiz and his nephew Ruhul Amin and T-Bazar’s Kartik Chandra Wife is now bankrupt.

Although selling zamijati and vetabarii paying real money, the case was lying in opposite cases for interest. Shahidul Islam, son of Siraj Uddin Biswas of Mandan Para in Jhenaidah city, said he received 65 thousand taka from Imran of Sudhokor. So far he has paid all the money.

Still, Imran was harassing Sudhokor with a case worth 65 lakhs, whose case No. CR 415/14, 420/14 and 421/14. Asad Mia’s son-in-law on the HSS road of Jhenaidah city, took a small check from the bank of the bank, from Amarkan Shah, with a blank check of the bank’s Yunus Ali. Later on January 26, Jhenaidah filed a case of Tk 4 lakh in the Magistrate Court, whose name no 171/17 Imran Shah has filed two cases, claiming 26 lakhs of money in the name of Mofizul Islam Babul Joardar, owner of the public brothel Golam Mostafa Road. Whose case No. CR522/13 and CR 300/13 According to the information provided by the practitioners of different courts of Jhenaidah, four litigious suits filed by the interest litigants are pending.

Besides, hundreds of traders left the house shops business and left for months to flee the country. They have terrible terrorist forces, with this force they beat various fears.

Halima and Abdur Rashid have died in premature death due to contractual revolution in the Hamdaha area and unable to pay interest. Mokaddes Hossain, a rice trader of the new Hatkhola town in Jhenaidah city, said, “When the interest takers make a donation, they get blue check and stamps from them.”

They charge Tk 10 to 20 thousand per month for one lakh rupees. This thick quantity of interest is to be traded by traders. Even after paying the real money, he also filed a suit in court with a sum of three or four times more money in check and stamp collecting money.

Homio Dr. Arif said, if the Khokon army of Sudkhowa did not give the money, then the businessman had illicit relationship with the wife of the businessman. In this way, a one-billion-dollar business car, and one owner of Al-Bashan’s house, became the owner of a high interest business.

When they came to power, the government leaders of the government kept the business from underhand. The administration deceived Jhenaidaha the brisk way business interest continues, Beparipara Tiger and Zahid, pabahatira Sohrab, in the same village, Akhtar Shah, Bishoo Molla, Jahangir, Kindle, boy, Milan, interest-free pabahati Biswa next caratala bildam the bachira Molla, Harez Mollah, Shahidul, Mainul, Umaipur village Shamsul, Anarul, Amirul Islam, Tito Mondol, Tofazzel Ahmed, Mintu Mandal, Nuru Molla, Mofazzel laskara, Lal Mia, alpha laskara, Mohsin believes Khajura Abdul Joarder, Hasibul and attapa Zone, kalikapurera Ali Akbar Zia and Osman Ali, Beparipara Abdur Rashid like Taj Mahal pharmacy owner, Atik, hamadaha the Tipu Sultan and Didar, Kalabagan Aziz, Feroz Sardar, ganapurtera postman Abdul Alim, Kanchannagar laying Mona, Anwar, Shahid, Sajjad, dhopaghatara jomara Too, Lavlu, Montu believe, Ravi HOWLADER, Kanchannagar madanar laying pearls, says, Firoz, Madhupur village dighala Mizan, Alamgir, usurer thousands caparira Malek Ali Mallik and irada the legal action being taken against them jelabyapi beraleo not staying.

All these funds are running the business with millions of taka from the public and private banks. In addition to doing business in the name of various Voiphora Samiti and NGOs, social disorder is created

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