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In Harinakundu, the people of Awadh in the torture of Daroga Ishaq

Harinakundu has become unusable in the torture of Darogaa Ishaq in Hirinakundu of Jhenaidah. Assassins were bought, mischief by the common man, taking money through the brokers and reckless publicity trade with many complaints, including Ishaq Daroga.

Apart from the ordinary people, in addition to the Jamaat-BNP, the government party Awami League also is extremely unhappy about the activities of the killer.

He took money from the village and took money and traded money. Harinakundu police station has become an illegal business hub.

Detained at night, released in the morning. If the money is not given to the cross fire threat or the Jamaat-Shibir activists, the court runs it, the Daroga. Handbag is the bundle bundle money The district police administration is trying to manage the situation.

But did not get it. In the villages of the upazila, people of all classes of the people of Darjega Ishaq panic in the police force. BNP activists are helpless, local leaders of the government’s party are also angry. Darda Ishaq also filed a harassment case claiming finger hanging banana tree.

Two bigha land in two plots in Harinakundu bought two plots. His shop is located in Charatola market in the upazila. Bali seller Aktar from Narayankandi village earns 2 thousand rupees every month from the bank. Despite not being the IO, he has run 22 people in the boat burning case.

Claimed money from the remaining defendants has been collected. There is a lot of complaints and complaints regarding child marriage, plantation and many complaints have been raised against the Daroga.

At the Communti Police Day’s Day, he took 5000 taka from brick baiters. According to sources, he has constructed a house on government land in Jessore. He recently released him with Tk 1 lakh from the brickfield owner of oiltupi village in the upazila. There is no end to the complaint.

There is no account of cash money in this discussion. Awami League leader activists were not even protected from the clutches of reckless arrest trade. Many people, including Ripon of Ramchandrapur village, and Aktar Ali of Jorapukuria village were arrested and arrested.

The warrant arrestee has been arrested and taken away from the huge amount of money from them, there is an evidence against the Daraoga Ishaq Ali. The accused has arrested Ripon from Ramchandrapur village and has received 10 thousand taka from him, Daroga Ishaq.

A leader of the Harinakundu Upazila BNP said that 22 cases were filed against four thousand BNP activists, but now there are 13 cases of cases filed. On 3 March 2013, on the 3rd day of the Harinakundu Upazila Parishad, Jamaat-Shibir activists were killed in the raid on the day of the strike, Sonathanpur police constable Gazi Omar Faruque.

Hundreds of Jamaat-Shibir activists were involved in campaigning in the building area of ​​that day. After this incident, the police inspector of the police started the indiscriminate meaning of trade.

Charge sheet was given in the name of more than 200 people, including Jamaat leader Motahar Hossain, in the case of Constable Omar Faruque murder case.

The common people, who have been arrested in the horror of the arrest, get some relief later. But not today the arrested trade is going on.

ASI Ishaq Ali started trading in 2014 after joining the Harinakundu police station Ramrama arrested It is said that the Daroga of the Harinakundu Police Station, which has been looted nearly four crore in four years. The name of his grandfather is an important asset. Every village has its own broker in the upazila. These brokers provided the innocent people in the village.

The common people were promoted by making BNP-Jamaat. Even the Awami League family did not get relief from the torture and harassment of the Dowager.

In the village of the village, the tears of the people crying and crying broke down in the village. Many people have become poorly financially. Darogaa Ishaq, who was arrested in the whole of Harinakundu, was arrested. No one can dare to open the face of fear.

The Daroga Harunakundu Upazila has been promoting Ram-Raja after getting promotions from ASI. Around four years he was resident of Harinakundu Police Station.

He has allowed the sleep of ordinary people to sleep. The general people of the upazila have become disillusioned with the arrest. He got desperate to trap ordinary people since early morning. According to a particular source, many accusations against Daraoha Ishaq have been deposited in more than one branch of police. The investigation will start very fast.

There is a reward for the amount of money bribe from whom the police officer has complained. However, Daraoha Ishaq denied these allegations against him and said that all these propaganda claim to be a conspiracy of Jamaat-BNP. I can not tell whether the police is spreading such propaganda against me or not.

He denies the release of money by the people. Harinakundu police station Officer-in-Charge (OC) KM Shawkat Hossain said that SI Ishaq ASI and SI Period are in total for two years with Harinakunda Police Station.

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