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Three people abducted from Kotchandpur, people were shocked!

After the disappearance of two students of college and madrasapara in Kotchandpur of Jhenidah and 13 year old bakery workers, they have not been found yet.

One of them Madurashatura Maashim (17) identified the police person on the night of November 16, from the forced house to the white microbus and another college maksudake (22) on October 12 afternoon, a black colored pajero jerk with sticker fitted with the company’s sticker to talk about the construction of the tower Is taken.

About these two cousins After taking them out of the local police station, Jhenaidah DB police, RAB and all the administration stations searched for their whereabouts. On the other hand, Lima unemployed Asif (13) of Kotchandpur town disappeared on November 17 night.

He is son of Abu Hanif of Kagmari village. He has been missing since he left for work at the unemployed home. Locals and missing Maksud and Masum’s family sources said that on November 16 night, 8-10 people were taken forcibly from a white color microbus in a white suit on the night of November 16, the son of Madrasa teacher Aminul Islam of the upazila.

At around 11:30 pm they asked to open their door to demanding the people of their administration to enter the house.At that time, they searched the houses and found Maksud and brought him to the mobile phone and blindfolded him in the car.

On 12 October, some people, including Maksud, son of Aminul Islam’s brother Mominul Islam and beside Saiful, came to the mosque after the prayers of Asr prayers in front of the house. At that time a black pajero jeep was standing in front of the mosque.

Three people came down from the sticker pajero jeep of the Grameen Phone Company and told them, a village phone tower in this area would be built. So they are looking for land in a good location. After taking a short distance with them, Maksud and Saiful picked up the car.

After taking Saiful out of the car, he took Maksud with them. He goes with them in good faith. Maksud was missing from that. His used mobile phone is locked. Sources said, on the evening of November 16, two people came to the motorbike and asked a member of Masumuddin’s house, Abu Bakr, to find out about him.

At that time they took the person’s mobile number. After 7pm, they again called 01733224403 and 01995-336371 from the mobile and inquired about the location of Ma’shum.

After that he was taken away at night. There are many who suspect that there are incidents of involvement with those people.

Meanwhile, ward number 9 of the area Md. Wahidul Islam asked the phone number to get the identity of the RAB camp. They did not want to know the number of RAB camps. Aminul Islam, the father of the member and Ma’mosh, did a GD to the local police station.

Apart from this, on 12th October, in search of the BRTC, they found that the tax was done by the tax commission, Bijoy Nagar, Dhaka, where the Maksud (Dhaka Metro D-13-7769) has been lifted. As a result, many questions are rotting. Local ward of the missing Masum and Maksud, Wahidul Islam said, I do not know that they do not make any politics or party.

Due to lack of due diligence, Maksud worked as a teacher in Kotchandpur Government College, besides working as a staffer in different stores. And Masum Harendia Madrasa Alim studying in the first year. Kotkandpur Police Station Officer-in-Charge Biplob Kumar Saha said there was no such progress in the disappearance. But the suspicious mobile number has been found to let the CDR to know. Only then can be confirmed.

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