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2018 New year, Pakistan and Iran

Fatema Miah

Here comes 2018. Another year passed out of life. Though positive news was 2017 Marked the safest year reported.

In the new year 2018  US president Trump spoke against Pakistans Terrorism, deception and denial. There Iran walked into 2018 new year on it’s open page from the end of last years immensely raging conflicting scene of political dictation on internet.

Both Pakistan and Iran are heated and vital concerning topic of worlds matter of international interconnection. Pakistan is of course a pending issue and problematic fact, has been a nagging  problem. US eventually woke up to the truth and Trump on the new year day 2018 broke the silence and spoke up about Pakistan and it’s deception to world. Iran, there suddenly the clerics trying to dictate, control or deprive  it’s  internet maniac public.

Mr Trump on the new year without hesitation tweeted about Pakistans deceit. Pakistan received #250m us dollars of foreign aid from USA for fighting terrorism, and Trump said Pakistan held the very terrorists in the country that USA was fighting. USA called Pakistan a heaven for terrorists. So, where is it wrong in that? Pakistan since 2001, acting collaborator of USA in fighting terrorists, and Al- Queda was sheltered, nurtured and protected in Pakistan. Also, other terrorists groups are being actively exercising in Pakistan are double than entire worlds terrorists groups together.

Knowing the amount of terrorism groups and on going acts of terrorism everyday, even the linking directly to political mainstream parties, MPs and into other professional fields, Pakistan is the cradle of terrorism, so phrase heaven for terrorism isn’t wrong.  For sake of disliking Trump, In disapproval of USAs dominant stance we shouldn’t just dismiss USAs claim against Pakistani deceit, because Pakistan itself was made by deceit. Furthermore, Pakistan has history of from the birth of Pakistan to now is the living picture of terrorism against different tribes.

USA called Pakistan Heaven for Terrorists, when it is the same USA supported Pakistan making platform of terrorism, acting against Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and India. Further, provided to comfort cushioned to the platform for terrorism By providing all means of aids; financial, military and moral shoulder to shoulder stance with Pakistan, raising Pakistans image to world as an ally, empowered, boosting it’s reputation and allowed Niqab face mask to Pakistani ethnic People across the world. By doing this, it was clear licence for Pakistani most people, those are Nationalists, had space and guts to poison minds with terrorism and  spread to the entire world.

Question is now, would USA be able unveil Pakistans musk? In tactics Pakistan is master sly, that has been proven by itself, as since Birth of Pakistan to todays date, the world’s Dominance, super power USA whose power is a threat to entire world, though that Pakistan has successfully been twisting, spinning USA on it’s finger tip.  More question, when USA gone to war in Afghanistan fighting Taleban there, was it USAs core war target Afghani Taleban?  Was it USAs and UKs problem and reason to War declaration because Taliban and Afghani governing bodies make Afghani women to wear cage like Burqa veil, and Afghani men’s messy untrimmed beard?

There Pakistan played great role, deceptive ally into worlds largest fiscal deficit. In it, Pakistan gained Millions of aid money from west, USA and UK, emptying our pockets, costing USA and UK assets, caused deprivation to public; NHS, pension, wage and led to recession. Where Pakistan, strenghtened it’s military power and enhanced it’s nuclear power. At the same time, Pakistan played to oppress and USA and UK destroy it’s neighbouring and challenging raising power Afghanistan at the cost of and with the power of USA and UK. One strike two deals.

About Iran Issue,  what is the clerics playing at, with their addicted maniac publics choice. That too, with Internet that two generations are born into using, addicted to internet and taken it as essential survival equivalent to basic needs like grain and water? Have the clerics got a sudden episode of scieser attack of frustrating to sudden impulse to control to remould entire nation to reshape their mental functioning to clerics envisaged image?  There their sudden ordering and decision of banning internet caused unrest and made world to focus on Iran.

Due to Iranian public reaction the media and UN Members openly uttered  and empathetically called it  dictation and it is dictation.  Same Iran is possessive about it’s nuclear system and eager to exercise it’s nuclear power, when suddenly, dictating banning it’s public from use of  internet. The Clerics are certainly struggling to maintain their desired tradition to be nurtured by their public. The Iranian citizens disregard their tradition,  resentful and eager to break out of it, and are fond of western culture.

Iranian clerics when talking about haram forbidden about internet, question is, how nuclear procession is halal valid or Islamic? They  forgot one fact, that is in the last hajj time, because Saudi disallowed Iranians to Hajj,  a group of their citizen made up replica Ka’ba and performed acting Hajj there in Iran. Where is Halal in it?

Fatema Miah,  Solihull, UK, fatemamiah@mail.com