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Climate change


Fatema Miah

Whether Global warming or cooling

The climate is changing significantly at the face of earth that certainly is causing variation to the weather condition. The term season had a significant mark of right changes in weather condition and remained as such for a certain duration of period.

The seasons of Western Hemisphere, especially UK meant to be as such, the spring from March to May, the summer from June to August, the autumn from September to November and finally the winter from November to February into the following year.

The scale of weather condition has changed to almost to a dramatically state, and causing uncertainly of weather condition. In our early years we had an expectation of certain different weather condition in all different seasons. Shopping was a factor of weather orientation. Among all other items such as Gardening equipment to house-ware, food to outdoor activities, shopping for outwear was the core part of weatherly contribution to our seasonal feature.

Visiting to seaside was a renowned part among summer trips. On the seaside visits people enjoyed Playing on the beaches, hunting for shells on the seashore, building sandcastles, sunbathing (and some people swimming) in the shores that every child and adult took part in beach activities and therefore everyone looked forward to summer term.

Seaside reminds me that sandals footwear that is common nowadays, was only worn at the beach for walking on the sand. People bought sandals (the flip-flops types) mainly at the seashore shops to wear on the beach or some general stores had displayed sandals in the summer term for beach trips or Park -water -play activities. Nowadays, for last decade sandals even the flip-flops are openly and commonly worn anywhere.

Park activities were main features of summer term marking points as usual as it is nowadays, though the activities varies quite a bit nowadays. These days there are many different cultural activities held in the parks of various places throughout UK.

Due to severity of winter weather Mountain climbing and hiking was summer and autumn activities, which is nowadays are participated almost throughout the year here in England. Whereas boat racing, canoeing and paddling activities are organised and available through the year in several of places in UK.

Whether global warming or not, the earth’s climate is changing for sure. The occurring changes are evident in nature which is effecting the atmosphere, sea minerals changing and causing land infertility.  Anyway, the global change has warming effects, as well as on the surface of the earth it is effecting environment under the sea.

According to marine scientists’ reports the bottom of sea level is also effected by excess heat that has been accumulated from greenhouse gasses. There is Coral Bleaching has been seeing at the deep sea level. It is reported that “Reef coral bleaching at 95 per cent in northern section, aerial survey reveals”.

Coral Bleaching has been caused due to global changes that occurring in the atmosphere. This is the third Coral Bleaching since 1998 and further reported that “scientists have found no evidence of these disasters before the late 20th century”.

The Marine scientists’ stresses as such “Coral bleaching is caused by abnormally high sea temperatures that kill the tiny marine algae essential to coral health”.

Sea level is also risen by 8 inches since 20th century. Environmental scientist’s calculated by comparison and shown the result graph that sea level has risen and predicted that sea level will be rising up by another 3 feet by end of this century.

It is extra heat that causing sea level to rise. Oceans observes more than 90 percent of heat. Human produced greenhouse gases causing extra heats and the extra heat causing melting the Ice sheets and glaciers that adding to sea and oceans and raising the sea level.

Fatema Miah,  Solihull, UK