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Warming to cooling – Climate change

Fatema Miah:

In the recent year the  Changing Climate had warming effect of rising heat  continously up on the graph. It was warmer last seven years and every year has been a degree hotter and previous years.

The raising heat has been a concern and threat of global warming in the climate change science. In  the concerning global warming, in the  natural climate change process a new hope has shown up.

The scientists now have seen a sign possible Magnetic wave to be occurred in the near future that shall bring a cooling effect and possible of a mini ice age.

The predicted Magnetic waves are likely to be for duration of 30 years from 2021 to 2050. The magnetic waves  cooling effect gradually might cause ice age by 2030.

The magnetic wave and it’s cooling efffecr of climate change will halt the global warming and shall give us human being enough time to work out a solution to prevent the global warming threat.