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Islam, Politics and Me

By Afzal Sayed Munna:

Like others I always ask this question to myself, as a Muslim am I allowed getting involved in politics? After reading the history and the literature I always found the answer, YES. Let me go a little back to the history. The origins of Islam as a political movement are to be found in the life and times of Islam’s prophet Muhammad and his successors. In 622 CE, in recognition of his claims to prophethood, Muhammad (PBUH) was invited to rule the city of Medina. And the relationship of politics and the involvement was entirely to lead a society towards a massive development and create an educated society of peace.

My motivation for life is based on the commitment to help others and the belief that I can change and transform minds. I have been engaged with education, development, training and community throughout my life. I have developed confidence in educating people of all ages, and in different areas of knowledge including business and learning skills. I also was reviewing the election manifestos of the parties and found Liberal Democrats is the only party that care about the faith believes and also the practice in life. Liberal Democrats is the only party that allows people to wear their religious dress and also promised to tackle the growing incidence of Islamophobic hate crime. I believe we should scrap the flawed Prevent strategy and replace it with a scheme that prioritises community engagement and supports communities in developing their own approach to tackling the dangers of violent extremism. Liberal Democrats demonstrate the same belief, which touches my heart and helps me practice my religious beliefs and express my views more openly in a united society.

I hope you can support my Liberal Democrat colleagues and me on 3rd May 2018.

Afzal Sayed Munna

Council candidate for Liberal Democrats 2018