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A new hope in the global warming effect – Climate change

Fatema Miah:

The climate change is a  biggest concerning topic of world, specially, us UK and Western hemispheres concern being are alert and trying to tackle the issue. In the recent years the Changing Climate had warming effect of rising heat, it has been  continously up on the graph. It was warmer in the last seven years and every year has been a degree plus hotter than previous year.

The raising heat has been a concerning issue and a threat to environment due to global warming in the subject of the climate change in our environmental science. In the concerning global warming time period, in the  natural climate change of warming sequences, where continous temperature rising has been a fear factor and became a threat to our globe earth, here a new hope has shown up. May be its a miracle, Mercy from our universal Creator Mighty Allah that this breaking pattern of potential cooling effect is about to occur.

Recently, from research study  by our environmental scientists it shown  that there is a possible ice age might happen in the near future. The scientists now have seen a sign of Magnetic waves due to be occurring on the Solar in the near future that shall bring a cooling effect and possible to lead to a mini ice age.  There will be few repeated magnetic waves on our Sun.  The magnetic waves will effect the temperature highly and will drop the temperature in the atmosphere down to minus degrees and will be sustain for a period of many years time.

It is as well as a miracle, Mercy to us earthy  human and living beings, the period of cooling spell definitely a break for our earth from warming up. The cold period duration will give us an opportunity and time and space for us to take up step, to plan and act to deal with the accumulated Carbon Emission that already up in the atmosphere. It is an opportunity for us earthy beings to come up with resolution how to prevent Carbon emission. The predicted Magnetic waves  on the solar will  be for a duration of 30 years from 2021 to 2050. The magnetic waves’ cooling effect  gradually might cause an ice age by 2030.

Whether, there will be an  ice age or not, the magnetic wave and it’s cooling effect of climate change is certain to happen and the cooling  will put a halt on the global warming, and shall give us human being enough time to work out a solution to prevent the global warming threat. The global warming happened from the accumulation of tons of carbon emission in the atmosphere. The emission accumulated because of our last and current centuries’ neglegency on environmental care. Therefore, it is a mercy on us. We should be thankful to our creator for a chance to correct our mistakes and to find the correct resolution.

From global warming concern to cooling effect question. How well are we prepared for the predicted cold?  Up till now, in the recent years we were planning, preparing for to deal with heat or warming. We, western people are probably alright to deal with extra cold as we are used to cold environment and utilised to cold weather. It is  concerning  matter for the Asia and Africa. The climate change easily and always strike them first and cause them to suffer, whether warming or cooling,  when they are surviving in under privileged status. There, the need is vast, from house to simple coldware item. There the shelter- less people are in poverty.

Due to global warming effect; ice berg melted and the sea level rose up, weather effected and  became unpredictable, water cycle been ineffective and causing unseasonal rain falls resulting to effecting the crops and livestock. The cooling will drop in temperature and how the people in Asia and Africa expected to be surviving without proper cold-ware in filmsy sheeted shelters? How would they get on with living; getting on with tasks, farming with livestock, out working on the streets, labouring and fishing in the cold minus temperature?

There was an ice age in the past, in 15th 17th century, and large number of people across the globe died of cold, in America, Africa, Australia, in  India and china. Since last century’s modern word, we caring and  concern beings, are we going to play fair and be taking into consideration of the world’s under privileged vulnerable being to be provided with right care?