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Capital London’s rough sleepers.


Fatema Miah

London is the worlds Capital and a tourist attraction place.  There are plenty of rough sleepers on the streets of London,  across the city and  mainly surrounding  the City Tourists attraction areas.

UK having problem dealing with it’s homeless class of citizens are sitting and having rough sleep om the streets footpaths, most of them  are begging. When local government took initiative to help and support them, they rejected the offer and refused to move out of streets.

There are some rough sleepers right outside, few meter away from the Windsor Castle, the local authority at this Christmas sent help to the homeless individual on the street of London offering him to move to a safe shelter and the homeless individual refused to move.

These individuals, having rough sleep on the streets and ruining the citys image, they’re begging on the streets from the pass-a-by,  get drunk, take drug and often they are also abused though they reject to take the offered help.