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CO2 Emission, Carbondioxide and pollution.

Fatema Miah:

The rising of Carbon emission CO2 is a continous issue. On the process to tackle the Carbon Emission  the global readers have organised meeting to discuss the possible solutions have held meetings , last one was in Paris. I wrote article that it was rather concerning issue that further tons of emissions has been accumulated on the process , the leaders travelling to Paris from across the globe by air, train and cars.

There is more carbondioxide up in the atmosphere  recorded by environmentalists and reported by BBC today, 30th October 2017. USA, specially President Trump is dismissive of global warming issue. Where USA is by large contributor to the global warming by producing vast amount of carbon dioxide. This climate thread made aware decades ago,  a generation  been born and grew up adult  in the global warming threat.

The War on terror began a decade and half ago and triggered global ongoing warmongering, continued still and resulted to cost fiscal deficit and accumulated tons of CO2 carbon emission.  Britain environmental experts and vehicle modulators  often frickout  and comes with suggestions on London Transport restrictions; congestion to fuel types and  encourage the government to reform on transport choice  to fuel type.

The live stocks have been the producer of carbondioxide in the past centuries, until in the last and this century’ fuel fumes in the land, airways and water ways.  Forest fire, volcanic eruptional  ashes, and fossil burning fuel as well as livestock  also evident of large contribution to accumulation of carbon emission. Carbondioxide up in the atmosphere warms up the air melting the cloud and causing heavy and longer rain fall, resulting to rise of water level.

In the law of nature, plants having photosynthesis process that sacks up the carbondioxide and produces oxygen in the air. We human breathe out Carbondioxide and take in oxygen. Carbondioxide is a chemical component,  room or mild temperature colourless and odourless gas. All plants take more or less carbondioxide through photosynthesis process.  Some plants have large capacity of photosynthesis process.

CAM plants have strong  stamina to absorb light, it keeps its antenna close during the night, sacks carbondioxide and retain it. Opens it’s antenna in the sunlight, during the day and makes its photosynthesis process. Grass type tough leaves plants, like pineapple, rice and tarfgrass are CAM group of plants. Pineapple plants are draught prove and highly photosynthesis plant can survive in draught effected and desert area.

Bambo plantation is part of grass family, fastest growing plants, quick reproductive, multi useable and has vast photosynthesis process.  Large woody trees are photosynthesise, they suck up large volume of carbondioxide, co2 omission and reprocess and release oxygen into the air. Large woody trees are on extinct due to inadequate minerals. High volume of carbon emission in the atmosphere polluting the air and the carbondioxide in air rising in temperature effecting the water circle coolent.

The seaweeds have photosynthesis process that’s responsible to process for  the sea coolent and water circle. The oceans and sea pollution increased in the recent years due to not been taken care to maintain pollution free, the reefs corals are dying being unable to cope the pollution and raising temperature from rising emission falling into reefs.  The cause of sea pollution are many. The oil leaks, dead sea lives, drainages, debris causing extra pollution.

The long accumulated pollution and carbondioxide cannot be exterminated at once. To prevent further damages, and to bring gradual effective process, the best solution is to plant extra CAM plants. To do pineapple vegetation in desert areas. To reproductively plant Bamboo plantation bushes across Europe and Asia. As well as, having law on fuel type, transpiration option, must  dig up big holes in ground for waste lines, and to imply strong rule for safely discard  oil and chemical items.  to prevent the pollution as well as carbondioxide co2 emission.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com