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Golapganj Education Trust celebration election win

Emdad Rahman : The new Golapganj Education Trust UK celebrated their recent election win with a community dinner at the Boleyn Banqueting Suite, Newham.

A variety of guest speakers took to the stage to commend the new panel and to also pay tribute to the expatriate UK Golapganj community who contributed to ensuring that the whole process was such a democratic success.

The programme proceeded after the initial meet and greet session. After an impressive recitation from the holy Quran the newly elected Executive Committee were introduced to guests.

In his opening speech chairman Althaf Hussain Bais spoke of his hopes for the future: “We celebrate this result with great pride and joy. Going forward we urge everyone to join hands to ensure that the educational levels in Golapganj are raised to unprecedented and greater heights.”

The new committee outlined plans for the future and there were short speeches from Executive Committee members and special guests.

General Secretary Mustafiz Choudhury Ruhul added: “We thank everyone for their faith in us. The new Golapganj Education Trust team are committed to ensuring that this belief is rewarded ten fold through excellent progress in our chosen projects.”

The Trust also aims to educate younger expatriate UK and British citizens of their heritage and through a variety of activities will also work to reduce poverty and help raise education and attainment levels in the prominent locality which is situated in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Treasurer Jobrul Islam Loni concluded: “I thank the whole community for coming out in their droves to support us. We are proud to represent everybody and will work to discharge our duties with great diligence.”

The current committee will be in charge for two years.

Golapganj Education Trust UK 2018-2020

Chairperson: Althaf Hussain Bais, General Secretary: Mustafiz Choudhury Ruhul,Treasurer: Jobrul Islam Loni.Vice chairs: Mayz Uddin Ahmed, Harun Miah ,Mohammed Iqbal Hussain,Nazrul Islam,Fokor Uddin Ahmed, Md Dilowar Hussain,Asst General Secretary  Abdul Basir, Asst Treasurer: Anar Uddin,Organising Secretary: Jamil Ahmed, Trusteeship Secretary: Nanu Mohammed Sheikh, Press & Publicity: Shamim Ahmed, Executive Committee: Nazrul Islam Nuru, Siddiqur Rahman,Monzur Ahmed, Shahalom Kashem, Jamal Abedin, Saiful Alam.