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Psychological Assimilation and equibral

Fatema Miah:

Psychological functioning and socially outlet. How scenarios and matters perceived, taken in and in turned exchanged  in reaction and let out. African and some Asian living human being were captured by Westerners and kept in Zoo for exhibition. They were treated horrendously and experiments was done on them as well as been main part of trade market product as slaves.  Inhuman immoral senseless, unemotional approach due to  psychological narrow  functioning.

Psychology is in everything. The Whites treated them and Animals with cruelty. Europeans took Africans  as type of  species.  Ape kind. Western world, power and cruelty combined in one.  It’s all about vision scope. What and which direction we looked at. Missionaries went off to preach and teach where they missed out around their own vicinity.

What about Arabs? Were civilised with teaching with symbol of creators present before Islam since civilisation began. Quraish responsible open before world for justice, kept slaves and treated them ill.  Bharat, Indian the Sanskrit teaching culture following nation, manub kollan and kormo, the humanity and  deeds believers had cast system. Their inferiority treatment in the culture allowed no breathing space let alone allowing to make or having a wish.

That was before modern time. Then, Term modernisation has been 2 centuries passed on now, have we modernised yet by taking the education  term modern?

It is all to do with Psychological Assimilation functioning factor. The info process and how it’s been injected in, or brought up, displayed or played on it. The same factor of Psychological impact applied in for current radicalisation input. Word play, hate and mocking blended in.

Psychological accommodation function of assimilation  effect factor, the secondary stage of cognitive process, is the additional info process; Is brought in and enhanced the  understanding. There accommodation  about the  zoo captured beings are living brings they do have  emotional outburst, brain functioning, work capabilities and they are human and they do dye.

Arab there had accommodation that the holy acts are customary religious,  the slave market had fall short and was comparative so by feeding well keeping the slaves healthy gets better jobs done and entices better market value. In India, there the cast traditions segregation made into customery, the dealing and jobs maintained within cast, poor kept poorer to be obedient and serve the richer and had to live maintaining boundaries.

Here the radicalisation accommodation, there is air of hate preaching, the evidence of white superiority, picture of Muslims in places supressed under non-Muslims and political shambles, lucking in proper translation of Islam and power seeking.

There is another the third factor of cognitive assimilation function is the equibral functional effect is the neutral. The zoo captured human beings been experimented and ill treated, whether, their feeling respected and causing pain empathetically understood or had to be prepared to face their reactional retaliation. On the scenario of superiority and inferiority, power on hand been abused to repress and result to all back to same again

The equibral of Arab situations, slaves are treated with love and care or they try to scape, don’t do good job. Worse of  the slaves retaliate and get bitten up. Slave Manages to scape, or get worse treatment and back to same situation. In the Indian cast tradition, outsiders came in and settled in, took power on hand, all separate casts had own custom to mind. Some lower treated groups left their master for self dignity under new found hope.

The radicalisation groups assimilation equibral as,  they  are hate filled,  their cause and reason  not justified, escalate to plan attacks, while killing others they get themselves killed or caught up, and get to trial. Sometimes authority fail, the authorities are stressed  and the trial result individuals proven innocent and not connected. Unnecessary and unfairly trialled.

Psychological functioning has many factors and they are the effect of cause and actions. The factors are connected to the subject and it’s  happening.  Psychologically there is reasoning to nothing or a reasoning to everything.  Concern is, ate er over convulated by too many subjects expertisesm of ‘logiesm’ in dealing with human beings doings. . Are our actions and reactions balance assessed  accurately?

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com