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Legality is  matter of power not certainty of Justice. 

Fatema Miah:

Brexit process began by triggering the Article 50. Britain will be able to place on own legislations After Brexit exclaimed British Government.  Question is , how will Britain imply the Law on  its legislations  or bill of rights on  independent stance?

Legality is a formation of a legislation system, whether it is for an organisation or the central government’s regulatory acts of reformation. Reformations are outdated after a period of time, as  matter of suitability or acceptability.

Brexit is  legal and democratically right.  Then again,  Apartheid, Holocaust, colonisation, invading, slave trade, Divide and rule were legal as well as drone attacks, Israelis missile fires  and Assad’s regime are.

In  Africa in the last century, when The National Party came in power in 1948 to the recent modern reformed world 1994, in South Africa, there the White dominated Party enforced an Apartheid policy of racial segregation in the state of South Africa.  Although, racial segregation in South Africa began in colonial times under the Dutch Empire, and continued when the British took over the Cape of Good Hope in 1795.,

Apartheid law formalised racial classification and introduced an identity card for all persons over the age of 18, specifying their racial group and even the education system was segregated for black and white race.  Although it was not a justice at all thus this was Legal.

The Holocaust, in  Europe again in the last century, inhumane practice against other fellow human being was enforced by Nazi Government in Germany. In January 1933, the first concentration camps in Germany were established soon after Hitler was appointment as chancellor in January 1933 in the weeks after the Nazis came to power. German authorities established camps all over Germany on an added holocaust bases to handle the masses of people arrested as alleged subversives.

After the SS gained its independence from the SA in July 1934, in the wake of the Röhm purge, Hitler authorized the Reich SS leader, Heinrich Himmler, to centralize the administration of the concentration camps and formalize them into a system. Nasty and painful exercises  in the name of experiments took place, under reformation of Law.

Europeans and British invaded other continents, forced Law and Order by oppressing the Natives, and reformed legal Acts.  Alexander the Great a young man, who barely was an adult, very defiantly conquered others’ lands and gained title of THE Great for rebelliously Invading.  British enforced Law of Divide and Rule India.  Oppressed human rights and was legal.

Slave trades, enrapturing black people chained up and treated very ill causing suffering and deaths by tortures, and selling living human being for labouring was Legal for White race people. It was Cruelty and was legal. Britain and Europe Empires were the prime leading trends in Slave trade market. Britain’s harbour Bristol and Liverpool witnessed such trend. British Slave trader Edward Colston as a Imperialist was recognised and his statue was made and displayed in Bristol British coastal town.

Eventually, now centuries later, Britain woke  up to acknowledge the real meaning of modernity of decency and morality acceptance worthy  values and made  decision to remove the statue of Slave  trader imperialist Edward Colstston.

USA’s ongoing racial discrimination, white Mob and club-wielding policemen’s attacks were Legal.  Fugitive Slave Law enforced on even after slave trade abolished in 17th century was made legal. Slave trade and enslavement of Black people were sold on Black Friday in USA for working on plantation was Legal.

USA’s tortures in Abu Grave Jail in Iraq during the War on Terror is still  allowed. Targeting and arresting people, and torturing suspects in Guantanamo Bay without a trial is Legal. Guantanamo Bay a place of political shamble and rendition is Legal. Legality doesn’t ascertain justice.

Saudi discriminatively power abuse and executing people convicted of wrong  doing and  lashes of punishments is legal system ordered on people for having a voice or even  to helpless rape victim as a faulty for  been  in such situation.  Arabs extravagant and ill treating other Asian poor ethnic people is legal.

Overall legality isn’t matter of Justice, legality rather is matter of power that is exercised in the name of law and reformation of Acts.

Justice is to treat living being with care and fairness, serve human equally, regardless of race, gender, faith, ability and status.

Shari’Ah means legislation. In correct form no such thing as “Sharia law” as people critical of and dying and killing in the name of it is intellectual understanding. Sharia which was for justice adopted into western politics and reformed as welfare and to rights.

The welfare and rights that’s part of  Shari’Ah isn’t applied in Arab countries or in any Muslim county. Where European Union is renown for it’s welfare system, there their European citizens are  struggling with basic level lifestyle.

Brexit decided on the basis of referendum result which is democratic and legal, here Government denying Scotland’s 2nd referendum against Brexit is also legal although not necessarily justice.  Assad was called from UK to lead Syria  legally, now Assad regime causing civilians casualties. There no justice nor law is in  place in todays Syria.

Taleban group was addressed as a terrorist group in the past, USA and UK gone to war fighting against Taleban in Afghanistan, Taleban members interlinked to Afghans are now integrated into politics in Pakistan, part of political reformation.

Western politics and media claimed Hamas was a Terrorist organisation and now they are in political agreement. ISIS todays declared terrorists group, UK, USA , Russia and Turkey gone to war again against ISIS now, later on probably will be given legal political status in fear like was given to Taleban in Pakistan.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com