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Is it provoking or manipulation


Fatema Miah:

Pakistani politician Nawaz Sharif  on Tuesday 9th January 2018 , before Journalists In Punjab House in Islamabad Pakistan mentioned Mujib. It is reported in Bangali newspapers and read by surely millions and I don’t see any question raised , discussion or contradiction let alone  to Challenge Pakistani manipulation.

Nawaz Sharif’ made statement in Islamabad in Pakistan  about Mujib, he meant about Sheik  Mujibur Rahman.  His statement  Title “Mujinb wasn’t a rebel but  was made into one.”  Straight away it catched my attention with contradiction. He calling Mujibur Rahman ordinarily  Mujib  and with an accussation of him being  a rebel, how dare is he!

Mujibur Rahman was a patriotic hero. A leader who stood for rights of leadership, right of citizenship  and claimed for a rightful Nationality.  He was a leader of his Nationalists people, they seeked for own Nationality right, to be freed From oppression and refused Pakistanism retrieve their  lost identity of Nationality.

I am provoked by this utterance of Nawaz  Sharif,  idiotic or ignorance, it is clearly manipulation. Crocodiles tears, that too in obvious state of self pitty   situation. How long will  Pakistanis be testing our endurance and  how  long shall we conscious  Bangalis have to tolerate Pakistanis nonsense rubbish and self centred talks?

When Pakistani politicians get kicks on their butts by their own evil like minded people  they  manipulatively drag Bangladesh with crocodiles tears. How  manipulation played in  politics,  look at it, it is in Pakistan, and if tricks part of politics then Pakistani politicians’ trick matter is Bangladesh. Their faith kicks to mention Bangladesh.

Pakistani zeal mentality and narrow scope. Small capacitate heart functioning ,  shamefully doesn’t have gut to step down, to accept defeat unreactively not possible. They have to beat the bush and here it is beating  with Bangladesh. Their ego and zeal killing them, calling Mujib a rebel. What! An entire Nation of 7 millions of people called rebels?

Hey you, Nawaz Sharif and Pakistanis, Bangladesh a Nation long Independent and progressive! Mujibur Rahman’s speech internationally recognised not as rebel it is as freedom seeking,  declaration.  Declaration of independence you Pakistanis never have neither can nor will be.