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Beanibazar & Chhattak unite for Cancer 

Muhammad Ismael:

Beanibazar will play Chhattak in a glamour friendly at Stepney Astroturf in aid of Beanibazar Cancer Hospital.

Shiraz Miah and Goyas Miah’s reigning Greater Sylhet Upazila Cup champions will face Emdad Rahman’s team in a unity game to raise awareness and funds for the Hospital.

Beanibazar Sporting Club Chairman Mesba Ahmed commented: “This is a big game for our community and the calibre of players on the pitch will ensure a mouthwatering game for everyone. I urge the community to attend and support both teams in this excellent initiative.”

Beanibazar v Chattak

Monday 15th January 2018

Stepney Astroturf, Redmans Road, London E1 3NG

9.00 pm