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Sharon Stone hopes Weinstein goes to jail

Actress Sharon Stone hopes disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein goes to jail.


However, she said all men accused of sexual misbehaviour should not share the same fate.


“In every crime, there are misdemeanours and felonies, and I think if someone’s committed a misdemeanour they can’t be treated like they have committed a felony. You can’t charge someone for murder when they have got a parking ticket,” said Stone.


Her comments are the same as actor Matt Damon, who was criticised by #MeToo campaigners for saying there is a “difference between patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation”, reports dailymail.co.uk.


Stone condemned Weinstein, saying: “I hope he goes to jail.”


She called him “coarse, mean, violent and abusive”.


“He thinks he’s a big martyr but he’s a pisher, a nobody,” she added.


On how women should deal with predatory men, Stone said: “We have two legs.

You can leave a room. You can say ‘stop it’. You have an opportunity not to participate.”


“Harassment doesn’t start when you get to Hollywood. It starts when you are little. Don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for the generations of women who came before us who no one stood up for at all,” she said.


“Women like my grandmother who was beaten by her husband almost every day… I stand up for them,” she added.