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Lac bangles the auspicious companion

Go wild with the jingling lacquer bangles complimenting your endless chatter, sweet ladies. Yes, you will definitely steal the show with their glitz and antique style.

What is lac or lacquer? It is a thick waxy substance excreted by the female ‘Tachardia Lacca’ a scale insect native to the forests in India during development and reproduction.

The skilled craftsmen known as Manihaars in Rajasthan are specialized in making bangles by melting and processing lac. This art of making lacquer bangles is as old as the establishment of Jaipur city.

Lac bangles have always been a devoted part of Indian culture. Indian women flock the markets to shop these bangles on auspicious festivals like Teej, Rakshabandhan, Karvachauth, Holi and on special occasions like weddings and other ceremonies like baby shower etc. These bangles are simply cool, lavishing and gorgeous, having significant vivacious colors to cheer up women’s lives. Red lac bangles denote energy and prosperity, yellow is meant for happiness, green color signifies fertility and good fortune, orange is for success, white is for new beginnings with all positivity and so on. Add these colors and splendor beauty to your life and look stunning.

Over time, lac bangles have become much trendier to match the contemporary taste of the modern generation. They come in exclusive latest designs, though look ethnic. The craftsmen intricate admirable designs on them. They are either plain or ornamented with semi-precious stones, pearls, beautiful beads, stunning crystals and exclusive glassworks. You cannot stop yourself shop them for a mere look. They are in gigantic demand and pretty prevalent among Indian women of all ages and all sorts of teenage girls to old ladies and from housewives to females working in big corporate houses. They fascinate today’s fashion conscious generation by displaying their style in a glamorous way.

Lacquer bangles are available in multifarious shapes and styles on elite bangle shops in various cities of India like Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Jodhpur, and Jaipur. But if you visit the Pink City don’t forget to buy them as this city specializes in its production and eclectic range. You can buy them online too. Their cost varies from Rs.200 per set to Rs.5000 per set or more, depending upon the quality and design. So what is stopping you? Match your apparels and look fabulous with the speckled and rainbow-colored striking lac bangles.