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Sports coaches to visit Ghana for charity deployment

Muhammad Rahman : Four community sports coaches are flying out to Ghana today to survey the fruits of their labour after fundraising to build a school and sports academy for 100 children.

The Human Relief Foundation charity deployment contingent includes Abu Nasir, CEO of GSV Sports Management, Abdul Hannan, CEO of Brawlers Boxing, Abdal Ahmed from the Tower Hamlets Youth Sports Foundation and Emdad Rahman MBE from Stepney Football Club and Scintilla Cricket Club.

There are one hundred students studying at the school, 56 of them girls, and 44 boys, with ages ranging from 2 years old up until the age of 14. The majority of the students live in small villages up to 7 miles away from the school, whilst others who live in the same village are a five-minute walk away. Many of those attending the school are from deprived areas, meaning they will not be given many opportunities in the future because of the conditions they live in, and many will need to leave education early in order to provide some sort of income for the family.

A very busy schedule will see the team travel to Tamale for the opening ceremony of a new school before a visit to Tim Tooni Football Club, various HRF projects and also the Gilead Football Academy.

Group leader khoyrul Shaheed from the Human Relief Foundation commented: “The team have worked immensely hard to raise money for this most benevolent project. Thanks to their efforts and the generosity of the donors we have 100 young children who will receive an education in comfort.”

The teams’ projects can still be sponsored by visiting this link