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Adore the feel of feminism with payals

Ladies and young girls are set to spread the divine magic walking in a melodious way with the chimes around your feet.  Adore that wow feeling of feminism in you with the mesmerizing sweet sound of anklets known as payals in India. It is an ornament made of gold or silver worn around the feet joints (ankles).


The tradition of anklets originated in Southeast Asia.

Gradually, it became popular in the west too as an icon of fashion jewelry. Traditionally it is a part of ‘16 shringaar’ according to the Hindu mythology and considered as a symbol of luck for a woman and her husband. Besides, this beautiful ornament is worn definitely for decorative purpose too.


Important: Silver anklets are always preferred than the gold ones because gold goes well with body aura and silver reacts positively with the earth’s energy. So, gold ornaments are meant for upper body and silver jewelry is best to be worn on feet.


The women who cherish to wear a lot of gold jewelry, they should know that gold produces a lot of electric current in them. Silver anklets are best to counter these currents. So don’t forget to wear payals the next time you are laden with gold.


This feminine ornament helps in preventing gynecological disorders, including menstrual disorders, hormonal imbalance, and even infertility by enhancing the function of the reproductive system.


The adoring payals improve the functioning of stomach.


Payals also was known as ankle bracelets boost immunity by activating the lymph glands in the body.


It is scientifically proven that anklets re-vibrate energy back to one’s own body wearing it. Thus you can stay energetic putting payals on your feet.


This dazzling ornament aids in curing swollen heals by regulating blood circulation in feet.


It also helps in getting relief from pain and numbness of legs. The unbearable ‘sciatica pain’ which starts from the lower back and flows downwards to the backside of legs through buttocks can also be cured by wearing silver anklets.


You can match your taste with a wide range of styles in which payals are available in Indian jewelry stores. Women of all ages can wear it. So rush up to give a fascinating look at your feet and compliment your footwear too. For some, wearing this stunning jewelry is a compulsion of customs and for others, it is a fashion statement. Choose your own way to feel its aura.


Easy cleaning tip: Worn for a long time, the silver anklets turn little blackish because of oxidation. To clean and give them a glitzy look again, soak them in a solution made by mixing baking soda, hot water, and dish detergent in a vessel placing a tin foil at the bottom. The piece of tin foil pulls the oxidation from the jewelry and give it a completely new look.


After taking out of the solution, dry the jewelry thoroughly with a soft cotton cloth. You can try this method to clean your other silver jewelry items also.