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Lansbury deserves better

Afzal Sayed Munna:

Since September 2017 we Lansbury council candidates from Liberal Democrats has started our forthcoming election campaign and are really amazed with the support we have received from the local residents. I personally believe the borough as a whole and specially, Lansbury deserves better. We have been visiting local residents regularly and visited local business and community centres and found there are plenty of areas are still left behind by current elected councillors. Our visit and meeting people was to learn more about what could have been done to improve the current situation and what are their expectations from their future leaders on the ward. We from Liberal Democrats are working on various issues however, our main priorities for the ward are: community safety: including knife crime, hate crime and anti-social behaviour, housing: including dump and overcrowding and ruff landlords and Crisp Street Market regeneration, and overall community development. We three candidates have got multitasking experience and expertise in various areas which we want to bring together with the local community to make our ward living examples to others. Jack is a safe neighbourhood watch chair and continuously working towards the wards community safety and anti-social behaviour. Tara born and lived here and in her experience nothing has been changed in last decades. I, Afzal Sayed Munna am teaching business management in a local college and an entrepreneur by profession. In last 10 years I have been greatly involved in community development, business and entrepreneurial skills development programmes. I am engaged in developing leadership and creative skills development programs here and also in Bangladesh. I believe, us all three have the right potential and appropriate skills to lead on things to take those to a next level and make things happen. I believe Lansbury deserves an entrepreneurial and skills centre where we can engage all our youths to be productive and develop skills to bring those skills back to the community. I believe people should elect someone who has got the right attitude to listen to you, be with you all the time and can appropriately represent you at large.


Afzal Sayed Munna

Doctoral Researcher and Council Candidate from Liberal Democrats 2018