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Tisha in Tauquir’s ‘Fagun Hawa’

Sweetheart of the silver screen Nusrat Imroz Tisha is to star in a historical film, ‘Fagun Hawa’, directed by Tauquir Ahmed.

The actress on Thursday confirmed that she signed the contract. The shooting of the film will start from 10 March.

Tisha will join the fliming from 12 March, she said.

The film is an adaptation of the short story ‘ Bou Kotha Kou’ written by Tito Rahman. It is set in the backdrop of the the country’s 1952 language movement.

Tisha said, Tauquir is a brilliant filmmaker. She has already worked with him in ‘Haldaa’.

“There are not many films on language movement. I am very happy to work in a film like this,” the actress said.

Tisha will be playing the character ‘Deepti’ in the film. TV actor Siam Ahmed has been cast opposite her.

Tauquir Ahmed said he had discussed Deepti’s character with a number of actresses and finally selected Tisha as she was attracted to the role too.

“Tisha is one of the finest actresses in the industry. I feel she will be able to portray the character perfectly,” Tauquir added.

Impress Telefilm will produce ‘Fagun Hawa’. Also starring in the movie are Fazlur Rahman Babu, Rawnak Hasan, Abul Hayat, Afroza Banu and others.

Indian actor Yashpal Sharma of ‘Lagaan’ fame will appear in the film too.