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 Psychology  to mental wellbeing.


Fatema Miah:

I wrote about simple psychology before. How society formed individuality, thought patterns and culture was formed. Here is from basic moving to serious health and well being that effected by society and nurturing or past experiences.

Social aspect forms the individuals nature and nurturing marks psychological aspects. It leads to happiness and suffering and  the suffering causes the distressing pain.

Dr Reads environmental and social effects fits in by 99%. It is more of nurture than nature contribute into individuals stress and psychological  illness.  The happiness can promote to arrogancy, carelessness  and  ignorance.

Things happen that we deal with them and there is a consequence. The past happening promotes to stress related illness.  Society impact on individuals health , specially mental health – distress and depression.

World as large now are concern issue related to mental ill health, many factors connected here; from social to environmental,  property is a key factor now inflicting mental ill health.  Children and young people, adolescents are also suffering mental ill health nowadays.

There is a small fraction of factor biological transmitter to mental health, the nature factor. Other than it is all related to nurture factor that also triggers to nature factor. The environmental effects is also a biggest issue.

Doctor Read with fellow colleagues  has clearly  outlines it is other people impact on ones mental Health. Understandably is other people, individuals, insatiable beings do efffect others emotional well being. It is  a vicious circle.

In the past decades  there were vastly irony effect of  oppression, collective nurturing of attacking, and natural retaliation. With the changed society here in UK, it’s rather has changed to personal efffect to ill health more than past century.

Same applies to war zones individuals, war effected areas, individuals are psychologically effected  and triggered to mental heath depression, dementia and phobia, panic and PDSD Trauma .  It is the  other people factor.

Natural disastrous  effected like draught, earth quake, tornado, cyclone and flood, individuals face deprecation, poverty and trigger, phobia, depression and trauma. This is Environmental  and natural disastrous effects.

Whereas fundamentally, our thoughts, our emotions, our behaviour and therefore our mental health, are largely dependent on our understanding of the world, our thoughts about ourselves, other people and the future. This understanding, of course, has itself been and continues to be shaped by our experiences.

Essentially, things happen to us, we make sense of those events and respond to them, and there are consequences. We all differ in the ways we respond to events, and there are many reasons for those differences. There are as many different reasons for these different responses as there are people on the planet.

There is Biological factors that also efffect triggers by  the social factors, circumstantial factors. Our learning as human beings affect us as those external factors impact on the key psychological processes that help us build up our sense of who we are and the way the world works.

What’s happens to us, in it there is a nature part and a nurture part.  Instead of delving into what’s wrong, rather better solution to ask  what is happened, is the nurture part. As it is we have better answer to later, what’s happened than what’s wrong. We might not have an answer to what’s wrong.

The test result seemed reasonably clear that social factors were very influential in predicting people’s mental health problems, with biological factors playing a part. However,  importantly, both social and biological factors were mediated, “in statistical speak”, by the psychological factors. Hence rumination to be the gateways towards mental health problems.

It showed people those less dwell on past incidences like the perpetrators more often are un touched and un effected, in another word less ate suffering depression. Those are reason  to causing suffering are ignorants often and do not realise of their  effect of consequence  on others, the sufferers.

There is also a small  factor of case of regret and stress relation.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com